Hussein Fahmy: The niqab is a threat to society (video)


Hussein Fahmy: The niqab is a threat to society (video)

Egyptian artist Hussein Fahmy believes that the niqab constitutes a security threat to society, indicating that he did not reject the principle of the niqab, but he believes that wearing it is not personal freedom.

Hussein Fahmy said in an interview with the “Secret Ink” program on the Egyptian channel “Cairo and the People”, that the niqab is a threat to society, as it was the cause of many security incidents in Egypt.

Fahmy added, “Many people misuse it, and terrorist operations took place in Egypt, of which the niqab was a part, because we do not know who is behind it.”

The Egyptian artist criticized the wearing of the niqab in hospitals and children’s schools, adding: “I don’t understand how a school for children comes to school wearing a niqab. How do students understand when they don’t see facial expressions?”

And he continued, “And when a nurse works in a hospital wearing a niqab, how do I mean, I don’t understand her? The origin of communication between people is facial expressions.”

He pointed out that his view of the niqab stems from a security logic, because he cannot know the person he is dealing with through the niqab, whether it is a man or a woman.

He emphasized that he was not afraid to express his opinion about the niqab, and said: “I am a person who is accustomed to saying my opinion, and I have nothing to be afraid of.”

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