Indimate system.. Advanced turn signal for motorcycles

Updated Thursday 12/29/2022 11:47PM Abu Dhabi time An electronics student has developed an audio turn signal that is linked to the helmet’s hands-free system via Bluetooth and reminds the driver to turn off the turn signal. Since he himself often forgets to turn off the turn signal after a turn, Nicholas Rogers developed the Indimate turn signal, which is controlled via Bluetooth, and motorcycles can be equipped with it later. The electronic engineering student explained that the audio signal of changing direction is connected to the hands-free device in the helmet via Bluetooth technology, in order to remind the motorcyclist to stop the signal of changing direction. Pictures.. See the rarest motorcycles in the world CMX 1100 Rebel.. A Honda motorcycle with 3 driving modes. When the signal to change direction is activated, an audio signal is transmitted to the bluetooth unit in the helmet. Therefore, the motorcycle helmet must be equipped with a bluetooth headset or a hands-free device. Once the Indimate turn signal is paired with the helmet system, the volume, duration and pitch of the turn signal can be adjusted according to personal preferences via a smartphone app. The small Indimate device can be placed anywhere on the motorcycle, but it is recommended to install it under the seat to prevent it from being stolen. The device can be connected to the motorcycle cables very easily and without the need for much technical expertise. To prevent battery consumption, the Indimate device only works if the signal to change direction is activated. in the last 30 minutes. Once the Indimate application is installed on the smartphone, the connection to the Indimate device can be set automatically once the direction change signal is activated, so that the motorcycle rider does not need to open the application for this purpose, and when wearing the headset under the helmet, the audio signal will be heard while driving as soon as the change signal is activated. direction. In addition to the possibility of automatically adjusting the sound according to the speed of the motorcycle with the availability of different stereo tones, and hearing the left direction change signal on the left ear and hearing the right direction change signal on the right ear. The Indimate acoustic turn signal is available at a price of around 150 euros.

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