Intensive meetings.. Lebanon's opposition is trying to break the wall of presidential obstruction


Intensive meetings.. Lebanon’s opposition is trying to break the wall of presidential obstruction

The Lebanese opposition continues its moves to break the wall of presidential obstruction, and to elect a new president, before the sixth session of Parliament.

Members of the House of Representatives held, on Tuesday, an expanded meeting that included deputies from the Kataeb blocs, Renewal and the Watan Project, and the Independent Parliamentary Coalition, to try to get out of the presidential vacancy crisis.

Lebanon is living a presidential vacancy, after the end of President Michel Aoun’s term on October 31, amid the absence of any signs of the end of that situation, especially after Parliament failed over the course of five sessions to elect a new president.

To elect the president of “Made in Lebanon”, an expanded meeting was held in Parliament on Tuesday, which included 19 deputies representing 32 independent and change-making representatives from the Kataeb, Renewal, Watan Project and the Independent Parliamentary Coalition blocs.

During the meeting, these deputies discussed a mechanism to get out of the intractable political crisis that plunged the country into the furnace of a presidential vacancy, in light of a bitter economic and living reality accompanied by a comprehensive disruption of the various state institutions and administrations at this delicate stage in Lebanon’s history.

An informed political source said that after the meeting, an administrative committee was formed to follow up the discussion on the issue of the presidency, consisting of deputies: Waddah Al-Sadiq, Salim Al-Sayegh, Bilal Al-Hushaimi, Adeeb Abdel-Masih and Ghassan Skaf.

waste of time

After a meeting of its political bureau, the Kataeb Party affirmed, in a statement that Al-Ain news received a copy of, its adherence to the Lebanese constitution, which regulates democratic life, and its articles, which clearly stipulate that a president must be elected without obstruction and without a quorum from here or an argument from there. “.

The party refused to talk about legislative sessions in light of the presidential vacancy, considering that “any step in this framework is an unconstitutional and unacceptable act aimed at prolonging the vacuum, holding onto the merits and the country, and keeping the institutions hostage to the logic of bullying by the de facto forces.”

And he stressed “the need to keep the election sessions open until the election of a president of the republic, which is the only way to form the executive authority and restore regularity to the work of institutions.”

The Kataeb Party believed that “the weekly election sessions, under its current administration, are sterile and a waste of time that the House of Representatives has no right to waste, which is the mother institution that represents the Lebanese. In which”.

He stressed, “the need to re-Lebanonize the merit,” rejecting “the transformation of the House of Representatives into a hostage to a group awaiting suspicious signals from abroad or destructive settlements at home whose features have begun to appear and that would put the country before new dangers and coming years of continuous collapse.”

presidential vacuum

On Tuesday, the Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi, received the head of the Democratic Gathering bloc, Representative Taymour Jumblatt, and a delegation from the bloc.

After the meeting, Jumblatt pointed out that the Democratic Gathering deputies are continuing to vote for Representative Michel Moawad for the presidency, and the bloc does not have any other name.

In light of what is happening in the parliament’s sessions, Jumblatt expected the presidential vacuum to be prolonged, “We are with Moawad, and if the other party has any name for consensus, we will discuss the matter.”

It is noteworthy that the last fifth session of the House of Representatives raised the number of supporters of candidate Moawad to 44 votes, while the representative of the Strong Republic bloc, George Adwan, expected that he would reach 55 in the sixth session, which practically means that the number is gradually approaching the number 65 required in the second session. for election.

In the context, and within practical options to break the “presidential vacancy”, opposition forces are looking for legal and constitutional options to resolve the crisis of obstructing the election of the president.

On the opposite bank, and in a new insistence on “disrupting” the election of the president, MP Muhammad Raad, head of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc (Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc), affirmed, “We are facing the presidential election. We know who we want, and we are moving in order for whoever we want to come to the presidency.” .

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