It did not come by chance .. How did Richarlison score the best goals of the 2022 World Cup? (video)

Brazil striker Richarlison scored a stunning goal against Serbia, in the first round of Group G competitions at the World Cup.

Richarlison scored a brace that led Brazil to beat Serbia with a clean double on Thursday evening, at the end of the first round of the group stage, for the championship. World Cup 2022.

The second goal came in the 73rd minute in a wonderful acrobatic manner, as Richarlison hit the ball from the position flying.

The goal, which a number of fans and critics described as the most beautiful in the 2022 World Cup, did not come at a moment of improvisation in which the Brazilian star showcased his skills, but it seems that behind him is a series of attempts that brought him to this stage of perfection.

Where the Brazilian newspaper “Globo” published, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, a clip showing the English star, Tottenham, as he scored in “samba” training a few days before the tournament, in the same way he scored in the Serbian net.

“Globo” highlighted a statement by Richarlison after the match and put it on the clip, where he said: “I don’t know if they followed me in recent days, but I scored a goal in a similar way during training in the camp.”

He concluded his remarks, saying: “It’s that simple, do it in training, then do it in the game.”

Thanks to Richarlison’s goals, Brazil leads Group G with 3 points, on goal difference from the Swiss national team, as they are brought together in the second round match on the 28th of this November.

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