“It's crazy.” The Argentine coach criticizes the 2022 World Cup schedule

Lionel Scaloni, coach of the Argentina national team, criticized the 2022 World Cup schedule, after his team qualified for Group C in Qatar.

Argentina beat Poland with two unanswered goals on Wednesday, to secure the lead and qualify to meet Australia next Saturday.

Scaloni told reporters after the match, which took place at the 974 stadium in Doha: “I think it is complete madness to play after two days and a little more and we are at the top of the group. I cannot understand it.”

He said, “Now we are early Thursday morning, we prepare for the next day (Friday) and then we play (Saturday). The conditions are not good, but it is the same for everyone.”

Australia will have several hours longer to recover and prepare than Argentina, as their final group match ended earlier on Wednesday.

“Our fans should enjoy it,” Scaloni stressed. “We are happy today, but we don’t want to be overwhelmed.”

He concluded, “All matches are difficult. Anyone who thinks that facing Australia will be easy is wrong, but we are not the favorites to win. If you think that because of our victory today we will become world champions, you are wrong.”

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