Killer robots .. US state police “play with fire”


Killer robots .. US state police “play with fire”

San Francisco authorities plan to allow police to use killing robots, calling it a “last resort”.

This came after the San Francisco Municipal Council, last Tuesday, supported the decision, which received eight votes in favor and three against.

The decision stipulates that the police use robots that are capable of killing in some very emergency cases, such as terrorist attacks or mass killings, which are very common incidents in the American lands.

The decision, which sparked great controversy, is supposed to be finally adopted at an upcoming meeting of the Municipal Council on December 6, according to the New York Times.

On the other hand, opponents of the decision fear that its implementation will lead to an increase in violence by police officers.

Commenting on the move, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said in a statement, “The use of robots in situations where crimes are likely to occur is a last resort before us.”

“We live in an era of increasing acts of mass violence, and we need a similar option to save lives, in the event of a tragedy in our city,” he added, according to what was reported by “Agence France Presse.”

But only senior police officers are allowed to order the use of killing robots, according to a police statement.

The San Francisco Police Department currently has a large number of remotely controlled robots that are used “while receiving notifications of bombs, hazardous materials, or other incidents from which officers must take a safe distance.”

And the police added that the step would allow the use of these robots to place an “explosive device” capable of “disable or disorient any armed or violent suspect who threatens to kill people,” explaining that “robots equipped in this way will only be used to save innocent lives.”

In the opposite direction, Paul Schar, vice president of the New American Security Research Center, tweeted: “This is an appalling policy and completely opposite of how police should use robots.”

He added, “The advantage of robots is to create a greater distance between police officers and any potential threat, so that officers do not have to resort to killing.”

He pointed to several methods that the police can use to neutralize an attacker without killing him, including electric stun guns and tear gas.

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