Kubeshark: The API Web site visitors Viewer for Kubernetes

Kubeshark: Web site visitors viewer for Kubernetes.

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Mizu (by UP9) is now Kubeshark, read extra about it right here.

Kubeshark, the API Web site visitors Viewer for kubernetes, offers deep visibility and monitoring of all API online page online visitors and payloads entering into, out and at some level of containers and pods interior a Kubernetes cluster.

Think a combination of Chrome Dev Tools, TCPDump and Wireshark, re-invented for Kubernetes.

Easy UI


Kubeshark uses a ~45MB pre-compiled executable binary to talk about with the Kubernetes API. We recommend downloading the kubeshark CLI by the utilize of 1 of these suggestions:

  • Snatch the true binary, salvage and utilize straight from the most aloof exact open.

  • Exercise the shell script under 👇 to robotically salvage the true binary to your working plot and CPU architecture:

sh curl -Ls //
  • Assemble it from source the utilize of make cli expose.


Exercise the kubeshark CLI to contain and look streaming API online page online visitors in right time.

Troubleshooting Installation

If one thing doesn’t work or merely to play it protected sooner than putting in;

Guarantee that you just would want rating actual of entry to to //

Guarantee that kubeshark executable for your PATH.

Engage Pods

Monitoring a Particular Pod:

kubeshark tap catalogue-b87b45784-sxc8q

Monitoring a Suppose of Pods Using Regex:

kubeshark tap "(catalo*|front-end*)"

Specify the Namespace

By default, Kubeshark is deployed into the default namespace.To specify a determined namespace:

kubeshark tap -n sock-shop

Specify All Namespaces

The default deployment formulation of Kubeshark waits for the aloof podsto be created. To merely deploy to all existing namespaces speed:


Discuss to our documentation internet station:

The documentation sources are open-source and also shall be came upon on GitHub: kubeshark/doctors


We ❤️ pull requests! Glimpse for the contribution manual.

Code of Conduct

This project is for all americans. We inquire that our users and contributors get a puny while to confirm our Code of Conduct.

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