Mapmaker Ushr adds Nissan to buyer list

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January 06, 2023 12:00 AM

Mapmaker Ushr adds Nissan to buyer list

Mapmaking skills firm Ushr Inc. has compiled excessive-definition plan recordsdata on more than 500,000 miles of roads within the United States.

These maps enable key driver-back aspects. Per chance most notably, the firm’s plan recordsdata underpins Cadillac’s Huge Cruise palms-free using feature.

Now a 2d global automaker will employ those maps. Nissan acknowledged Thursday it has been collaborating with the Livonia, Mich.-primarily based mostly mapmaker for a truly lengthy time, and the two companies printed that Nissan’s ProPilot Support 2.0 driver-back system will use Ushr’s maps.

That system made its U.S. debut on the 2023 Nissan Ariya, which reached dealerships in leisurely 2022.

Not like diversified mapmakers, Ushr says its roots in civil engineering and seek work enable it to distinguish its product from rivals. The usage of lidar sensors, the firm collects recordsdata that enables automobiles to discern their space to inside 10 centimeters.

Practically, this permits for smoother lane centering and more nuanced coast adjustments.

“Our objective is to provide automakers exact plan recordsdata that makes drivers feel delighted using this skills,” Ushr CEO Chris Thibodeau acknowledged.

— Pete Bigelow

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Michele Ostraat has joined hydrogen skills firm Pajarito Powder as the firm’s chief scientist. Beforehand, Ostraat used to be COO and director of laboratory operations for the Nationwide Energy Know-how Laboratory. Primarily primarily based in Albuquerque, N.M., Pajarito Powder works to purple meat up the efficiency and cost efficiency of electrolyzers and gas cell catalysts. The firm’s backers embody Hyundai.

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The U.S. Division of Energy’s Energy Knowledge Company recordsdata presentations trends which will likely be a have to have to uncover as the transportation industry shifts from inside combustion to battery electric energy.

Closing mile

CES auto trends: EV infrastructure, battery tech and self reliant freight emerge in 2023, plus automobiles as marketplaces, says the Particular person Know-how Association’s chief economist.

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