MicroPython officially becomes piece of the Arduino ecosystem

MicroPython officially becomes piece of the Arduino ecosystem

Arduino Body of workersNovember 10th, 2022

At Arduino we fancy to experiment with contemporary technologies to establish if we are able to squawk them to give a salvage to the tools we invent for our users. We’ve no longer too long ago been experimenting with the Python language as a that it is probably going you’ll perhaps perhaps well be imagine extension for our programming platforms, concerned with the method in which it has turn out to be the number 1 language for various kinds of users. Namely we’re having a explore at MicroPython, the model of Python that runs on microcontrollers. We’ve created a partnership with OpenMV, which ported their computer imaginative and prescient oriented virtual machine to a couple of our merchandise and enabled us to produce astonishing stuff with the Nicla Imaginative and prescient (as an illustration).

Increasing on this initial experience we were lucky sufficient to partner with the creator of MicroPython, Damien Georgeto port the respectable the virtual machine to various Arduino merchandise. It’s likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well fetch our code here. We’re sure you’ll going to be pleased it!

Thanks to truly appropriate one of our developers (Ubi de Feo) we were in a arrangement to check MicroPython on a class of college students and we’ve realized loads from that experience. In disclose, we noticed that it’s onerous to fetch a quite straightforward immoral platform MicroPython IDE that might perchance perhaps well be as straightforward to squawk as the standard Arduino IDE.

Fortunately we got here across the work of Murilo Polese, who developed a straightforward tool we were in a arrangement to adapt and squawk for educating. The outcomes were so correct that we determined to collaborate with him to manufacture a tool we are able to half with the crew.

We’re very indignant to announce the contemporary Arduino Lab for MicroPythona straightforward, immoral-platform IDE for MicroPython that helps any board with a serial REPL interface so it will also work with non-Arduino boards.

Right here is no longer an respectable product but, it’s an experimental tool — but we wanted other folks to play with it so we created a contemporary web set “Arduino Labs,” the assign we’ll post experimental tools for other folks to dangle a explore at out and give us feedback. It’s no longer assured that they’ll turn out to be fully launched merchandise. Within the duration in-between, revel in them and strive them out!

It’s likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well fetch Arduino Lab for MicroPython at

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