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MiracleCast – Wifi-Scream/Miracast Implementation

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The MiracleCast carrying out provides software program to join external displays to your system by Wi-Fi. It’s effectively matched to the Wifi-Scream specification incessantly identified as Miracast. MiracleCast implements the Scream-Source as effectively as Scream-Sink facet.

The Scream-Source facet lets you join external displays to your system and stream local instruct material to the software program. Tons of effort is keep into making this as easy as connecting external displays by HDMI. Whisper: Here isn’t very utilized but. Please mediate #4.

On the varied hand, the Scream-Sink facet lets you produce wifi-capable external displays yourself. You’d employ it to your embedded gadgets or even on fat desktops to allow varied techniques to make employ of your software program as external ticket.


The MiracleCast projects requires the next software program to be installed:

  • systemd: A system administration daemon. It’s ragged for software program-administration (udev), dbus administration (sd-bus) and repair administration.
    Systemd >= 221 will determine of the box. For earlier variations systemd must be compiled with –allow-kdbus, although kdbus isn’t very ragged, but simplest the self sufficient, experimental sd-libraries.
    required: >=systemd-213

  • glib: A utility library. Inclined by the novel DHCP implementation. Can be eradicated once sd-dns beneficial properties DHCP-server capabilities.
    required: ~=glib2-2.38 (may maybe well work with older releases, untested..)

  • gstreamer: MiracleCast rely on gstreamer to demonstrate solid its output. You’d test if all wished is installed launching res/test-viewer.sh

  • wpa_supplicant: MiracleCast spawns wpa_supplicant with a personalised config.

  • P2P Wi-Fi software program Even though licensed in the intervening time, there are some gadgets not effectively matched with Wi-Fi Dispute (prior know as Wi-Fi P2P). Take a look at yours with res/test-hardware-capabilities.sh

  • check: Take a look at-suite for C programs. Inclined for non-principal assessments of the MiracleCast code spoiled.
    non-principal: ~=check-0.9.11 (may maybe well work with older releases, untested..)

  • copy the dbus protection res/org.freedesktop.miracle.conf to /etc/dbus-1/system.d/

Assemble and install

To compile MiracleCast, you will clutch from:

Look extra recordsdata on wiki Constructing

Automatic interface replacement with udev

In uncover for you to make a replacement the interface to commence miraclecast with, add a udev rule with the script res/write-udev-rule.sh and configure miraclecast with

$ ../configure --enable-rely-udev

You’d additionally clutch the interface with --interface possibility for miracle-wifid.

Linux Flavours and frequent compilation directions


Take a look at your systemd model with:

In the occasion it’s possible you’ll well effectively be on 221 or above your systemd has kdbus enabled.

In the occasion it’s possible you’ll well effectively be below 221, an replacement repo became created to install systemd with dbus


Look there became interface changes on systemd 219, will possess to it’s possible you’ll well effectively be below that model, employ branch systemd-219 to compile miraclecast

Look particular directions on that repo

Arch linux

Consume present AUR equipment. Keep in mind to allow kdbus to systemd-git dependency will possess to it’s possible you’ll well effectively be below 221 systemd.

$ export _systemd_git_kdbus=--enable-kdbus

You’d enact installation the employ of yaourt

Varied flavours

In the occasion you feel self belief sufficient (since systemd is the entrypoint for an OS) extract directions from arch linux AUR PKGBUILD:


Steps to make employ of it as sink

  1. shutdown wpa_supplicant and NetworkManager

    $ systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
    $ systemctl stop wpa_supplicant.service 
  2. commence wifi daemon

  3. commence sink take care of watch over (your network card will possible be detected. here 3)

    $ sudo miracle-sinkctl
    [ADD]  Link: 3
  4. bustle WiFi Scream on link:

  5. Pair your machine with varied miracast software program (mirroring)

  6. Look your hide software program on this machine

Steps to make employ of it as detect

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from “employ as sink”

  2. commence wifi take care of watch over

  3. Enable visibility for quite rather a lot of gadgets

  4. Locate them the employ of scanning

  5. Except for list, or demonstrate recordsdata with detect there’s nothing indispensable here by now. For a Q&D mediate The employ of as detect


The User Enter Support Channel (UIBC) is an non-principal WFD feature that when utilized facilitates conversation of particular person inputs to a User Interface, ticket at the WFD Sink, to the WFD Source.

To make employ of it excellent add --uibc on miracle-sinkctl startup. Single mouse events and key events are utilized.


Source res/miraclecast-completion for autocompletion


This software program is licensed below the terms of the GNU-LGPL license. Please mediate ./COPYING for further recordsdata.


This software program is in the origin maintained by: David Herrmann [email protected]

This fork is maintained by: Alberto Fanjul [email protected]

In the occasion you possess any questions, enact not hesitate to contact opinion to be one of many maintainers.

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