Most notably punishing Ronaldo.. 5 harsh decisions by Ten Hag at Manchester United

Manchester United coach Eric ten Hag instilled a change in the team’s policy by making harsh decisions, involving the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, his former star, in one of them. Despite the disastrous start of the former Dutch coach Ajax Amsterdam with Manchester United this season, he has left a great impact since his appointment as coach of the team last May, as he seeks with the Red Devils to obtain a qualifying position for the Champions League, after failing to qualify for the tournament. The 52-year-old lost the first two matches in the English Premier League to bottom of the standings after conceding 6 goals, and the situation soon turned around after that, as Manchester United won 10 of the last 14 matches in the English Premier League, to put the team itself in an ideal position to compete for fourth place. She is 100 years old.. How did Pele’s mother react to his death? After the 4-0 defeat at Brentford, Ten Hag decided to punish the entire team by running 13.9km the day after the match. But the Dutch coach had to make some harsher decisions, including the way he dealt with the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo, who eventually left for the ranks of Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia. In light of this, the newspaper “Mirror” reviewed in its Irish version 5 strict rules set by Tin Hag for his players and how he applied them. Rashford was late According to reports, Ten Hag warned his players before the start of the season that they would be excluded if they were late for training or team meetings, as he set his rules from the start, which applies to any player, no matter how important he is to the team, as he tried to change the spirit and culture at Old Trafford. Conte about to be sacked?.. Tottenham do not know winning after the World Cup Ten Hag showed his strength perfectly in the dressing room, dropping his in-form star Marcus Rashford from the starting line-up against Wolves despite scoring in his last two matches. Reports revealed that Rashford slept to be late for the team meeting before the match, to be seated on the bench before he participated and succeeded in scoring the winning goal. Reserve team leadership Ten Hag took charge of the reserve team last week in a bid to open the door for talent to be promoted to the first team. The coach had stipulated to Old Trafford officials before accepting the task during negotiations that he would agree to become the new coach if he was given full control of the club’s under-23 team, to get that opportunity in the Christmas holidays. Ten Hag works closely with Under-23 coach Mark Dempsey and coach Paul McShane, but makes the final decisions on all matters of team selection and even player positions and minutes, a system that did not exist at United. What is the truth about Ronaldo’s participation in the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria match in the Arab Championship? Punishing Cristiano Ronaldo There have been many question marks that have been raised about Ronaldo’s future since Ten Hag’s appointment due to his technical style, and the relationship between them quickly became strained. Ronaldo has been punished on several occasions for a variety of crises, including leaving Old Trafford early with two matches to go, as well as refusing to come on as a substitute against Tottenham. Ten Hag dealt with Ronaldo strictly, as he decided not to include him in the Chelsea match list after violating the rules, before calling him up quickly for the next match in the European League. From Highbury to Olympic Munich.. the 7 most famous historical stadiums for European clubs, but the final nail that was put in Ronaldo’s coffin when the player decided to speak negatively about the club, stressing that he did not respect Ten Hag, so the club terminated his contract by mutual consent, and there is no doubt that the coach had an opinion Also in the resolution. Personal Chefs Ban At the start of the Ten Hag era, the Dutch coach banned personal chefs from cooking players’ meals on match day and throughout the week, and required players to eat exactly what the club prepared, so he could easily monitor their diet and how they performed on a daily basis. Every United player has a tailored diet plan, their body mass index (BMI) is checked monthly to ensure they are staying fit, to prevent weight problems, and Ten Hag oversees this to make sure his team is in the best possible condition every week. What is the history of Saudi Arabia and Iraq encounters in the Gulf and beyond? The complaint to Ten Hag Despite his tough stance on many issues, Ten Hag asked his players to come and see him if they had any problems, instead of going to their agents. The Dutch coach wants to strengthen his relationship with United players, believing that mutual trust and respect are key factors behind the success of any team. And the “Mirror” stated that last season, United had a lot of problems with the players who resorted to their agents first, until the stories were leaked to the press, which caused several crises.

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