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My DIY ergonomic shuttle workstation with aluminum and magnets

Ever since transferring from NYC to SF to work at Anthropic I’ve been visiting NYC and working remotely somewhat continuously. So I designed myself a shuttle workstation that lets me get the real of ergonomics and packability.

It involves about a off-the-shelf items, and a custom-made-designed laser cut aluminum keyboard case that doubles as a lap-board to withhold my keyboard and trackpad:

High-tail Workstation

I will spend the keyboard and Magic Trackpad on a desk or on my lap, with the folding computer stand preserving the show disguise disguise at a chuffed height. The keyboard is a Sofle Choc I soldered collectively from a kit, modified with Purpz low power switches which I get formula extra chuffed than same old-power, and nice!nano wireless controllers.

The case simplest rate around $40no topic being made out of three diverse profiles manufactured from very sturdy 2mm thick aluminum plate and simplest ordering two. It looks SendCutSend is a magical carrier that supplies ridiculously cheap custom-made laser slicing of hundreds supplies without a longer as much as one week turnarounds.

I’ve now been the utilization of it and touring with it for many months and it’s been with out a doubt mountainous. I’m no longer attentive to any similar off-the-shelf setup that combines a mountainous gentle nice ergonomic keyboard with a Magic Trackpad on a lap board, that will presumably well additionally be protected by a sturdy carrying case.

Reworking with magnets

Your complete thing makes spend of a complete bunch small neodymium magnets mountainous-glued in to the plates and gel taped to the electronics, to permit with out pains transferring between the lap board configuration and a sturdy carrying case configuration to effect in my accumulate. The keyboard halves snap into two diverse positions, one unfolded and one other nearer collectively entirely interior the case. The tip half of of the case additionally snaps on with magnets, with tabs to withhold it in location horizontally.

MagnetsCase openCase facet-on

The Magic Trackpad is much extra sturdy than the keyboard PCBs so I shove it in a particular little pocket of my accumulate.

Different setups

I will additionally spend it to create a actually chuffed reclined working setup by combining the lap board with a cosy recliner and a recliner computer stand. The displays on original Macbooks are with out a doubt correct and get this roughly setup a actually chuffed formula to make spend of a computer. The stand arm factual swings out of the formula, and I location the lap board on the facet table after I are searching for to make spend of the chair customarily.

Recliner stand

Or combine it with a standing desk:

Standing desk

Optimizing snoozing on flights

My other mountainous shuttle optimization has been taking in a single day flights and snoozing on them, which I didn’t outmoded as a contrivance to manufacture with out waking up consistently attributable to my neck hurting. I first mostly solved this the utilization of a trtl pillowwhich not like classic airplane pillows doesn’t constrict my neck blood drift and in actuality enables me to lean my head to the facet.

Then my coworker suggested getting a clinical foam cervical collarwhich was as soon as even better and entirely eliminated my neck pains snoozing on flights. I first received one which was as soon as too short, after which chanced on the one I linked which implies straight forward strategies to measure your chin height and supplies a bigger measurement. That one is additionally dark which looks less clinical.

Whenever you don’t love same old foam ear plugs, I additionally imply making an are attempting wax ear plugs which you shape into a pancake over your ear opening. They actually feel bizarre in a particular formula which is less stuffy and additional chuffed for me.

They will go outside

I did my get in Fusion 360, and the first model I ordered was as soon as factual a lap board, which I then needed to hack adding a magic trackpad mount onto with out somewhat enough dwelling by stacking it on some hardboard:

Prototype model

I had the combo case/lapboard thought for the 2d model, and in the starting effect I deliberate to delight in an identical top and bottom plate. Nonetheless SendCutSend costs are better the extra holes you need them to cut, so especially given I used to be as soon as additionally ordering a case for a chum, it was as soon as more cost-effective (and nicer having a seek for) to delight in a separate top and bottom plate. The small indents on the facet of the case had been for in case the magnets didn’t work effectively and I wanted to withhold it closed by sliding elastic ribbons over it. It’s most likely you’ll presumably well download the DXF recordsdata in sigh so that you can sigh them your self here

CADSendCutSend Notify

I then assembled it the utilization of cyanoacrylate glue, 6mm neodymium magnetsand double-sided gel tape to join the magnets to the keyboard and trackpad. I wanted to make spend of sticky tack on the attend of the magnet holes whereas placing the glue in so it wouldn’t speed out. I additionally effect neoprene foam on the attend of the case to get it chuffed and grippy on my lap or the desk. I additionally bolstered the spacer joints with hot glue after mountainous-gluing them, for redundancy at the price of aesthetics. It took about 2 hours to assemble the case.

Sooner than assembling it, I outmoded a sharpie thru the holes to tag dots on the attend of the electronics, so that I might perhaps presumably well superglue magnets in location. I needed to make certain to get the polarity of the magnets appropriate so that the keyboard snapped in both positions. I went with opposite polarity on the left and appropriate sides, that formula I will join the keyboard halves to 1 one more for a lighter extra fragile keyboard-carrying setup, and additionally form-of join the Magic Trackpad to the attend of the case whereas it’s closed (I simplest thought of this after, the center magnets ruin this).

Extra on the Sofle Choc keyboard kit

The keyboard kit took me around 3.5 hours to solder. I’m with out a doubt ecstatic with the low power Purpz switches. I started the utilization of low power switches attend with my customary keyboard get after I had RSI components and I mediate they made a noticeable distinction then, and presently time I serene get them extra chuffed. I’m no longer ecstatic about soldering in the rotary encoders, I never spend them and they also add height, but I will’t with out a doubt lift away them now. The wireless controllers had been nice for a bit, and it’s nice no longer to delight in a cable between the perimeters, but the battery lifetime of the main half of is putrid and I messed up the pairing a bit, so I mostly spend it with a cable presently time, this is also fixable. I’m somewhat ecstatic with the Sofle Choc overall, the thumb keys are chuffed shut to the main keyboard and it has hundreds them, even when the thumb keys all being in a line can get it arduous to hit the supreme one relative to extra clustered designs.

Different relaxing with SendCutSend

I haven’t with out a doubt performed any bloggable programming initiatives this year, on sage of I’ve been doing extra hardware stuff (and additional socializing).

One other stuff I’ve made with SendCutSend has included some prototype backing plates for the mountainous sparkling LED lights bar I’m designing:

Mild Bar

I’ve additionally experimented with the utilization of DALL-E to effect a query to for “minimalist dark and white line art”, the utilization of vector tracing machinethen cleaning up and modifying the get in Inkscape. This lets me create custom-made laser cut steel wall art cooler than I might perhaps presumably well get myself. Shown below are a powder-coated steel brand for a shaggy dog memoir team dwelling determine, and brass snakes I helped get for anyone:

Home EffectSnake art

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