Nail fungus treatment.. Tips and advice

Miscellaneous Treatment of nail fungus.. instructions and tips Updated Sunday 12/25/2022 11:54 AM Abu Dhabi time Nail fungus causes the color of the nails to turn from a white-yellow color to a brown color that does not disappear on its own. Therefore, the German Dermatology Association advised that nail fungus treatment should be started immediately. The appearance of fungi under the artificial nails..causes and methods of treatmentThe association indicated that if nail fungus is not treated, what is known as filamentous fungi cause gradual damage to the nail plate, in addition to that the patient may cause other people to become infected with fungi, for example when going barefoot To swimming pools or saunas. It is possible to resort to the family doctor in order to prescribe the appropriate treatment to get rid of nail fungus, and if the foot fungus appears in three toes as a maximum, then in this case it is sufficient to use a special nail polish, so that it is applied once a week, and it is better that the coating is applied after nail trimming. In the case of severe infection, it is necessary to use nail polish with anti-fungal tablets. In order for a person to be able to get rid of nail fungus, he must follow some important instructions and advice, including the need to change socks every day and wash them at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, while disinfecting nail clippers and a file after use.

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