New, clearer Chinese pictures of the lunar surface.. What is the relationship of the “Year of the Rabbit”?

Science and space New, clearer Chinese images of the lunar surface.. What is the relationship of the “Year of the Rabbit”? Updated Sunday 1/22/2023 09:55 PM Abu Dhabi time The Chinese National Space Administration has published a set of new images of the lunar surface, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, the “Year of the Rabbit”. The moon reaches its closest point to Earth in about a thousand years. The new images were taken by The Chinese mobile probe “Yoto 2”, on January 18, showed in black and white the track of the wheel left by the rover, some rocks, and a small impact crater on the surface of the moon with a diameter of about 5 meters, according to the Chinese newspaper “China Daily”. The Chinese rover “Yoto 2” as part of the “Chang’e 4” mission landed on the dark side of the moon, which is the first for mankind. The rover “Yutu 2” woke up from sleep mode on the 15th and 16th of this month, respectively, marking the start of their 51st lunar work day. The lunar day is equal to 14 days on Earth, and the lunar probe goes into sleep mode during the lunar night, due to its lack of solar energy. So far, Yutu-2 has operated for more than 4 years, traveling nearly 1,500 meters in total, and sending back more than 940.1 gigabytes of science data. Novel photos despatched from the a long way facet of the moon point to the work of a diligent “rabbit”– China’s lunar rover Yutu-2, or “Jade Rabbit-2”. The photos expose the wheel monitor left by the rover, some rocks and a miniature crater on the lunar surface. — China Data 中国新闻网 (@Echinanews) January 22, 2023

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