Nix tax credits, ban fuel-powered vehicles

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The very top resolution to the emissions remark is to accept away with all automobile tax credits and ban the sale of most standard fuel-powered autos, writes an Automotive news reader in a letter to the editor.

January 08, 2023 12:00 AM


The editorial “EV tax credits sound easy, but they are not” (, Jan. 1) used to be entirely 110 percent gorgeous. This reveals why Congress mustn’t accept interested by technical issues they know nothing about.

The CO2 emissions/native climate change remark is a fuel remark. The very top resolution is to accept away with all tax credits for all styles of autos, ban the sale of most standard fuel-powered autos and let of us pick what they are looking out to settle on — electric, hydrogen, bio-ethanol autos or any form of energy, so long as it’s no longer fossil fuel or fossil diesel.

Right here’s how we eradicated lead in fuel. We did not ban the sale of leaded fuel. We banned the sale of most standard autos that burned it and let industry and buyers pick what to make use of as an octane enhancer, without any tax credits.

It took twenty years because the leaded fuel autos wore out, but indirectly the lead used to be long past. The an identical will happen with fossil fuel and diesel.

DON SIEFKES, CEO, E100 Ethanol Crew, Clinton Township, Mich. E100 Ethanol Crew is a nonprofit that seeks to connect away with fuel because the principle motor fuel within the U.S.

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