Officially.. Britain is heading to classify the “Iranian Guard” as a terrorist organization

Britain’s policy tends to classify the “Iranian Guard” as a terrorist organization Updated Tuesday 01/3/2023 03:24 PM Abu Dhabi time In a surprising step, the British government is officially heading to classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a “terrorist organization”. The Telegraph newspaper, on Monday, quoted sources as saying that Britain will announce the decision, in light of the arrest of 7 people linked to Britain during the anti-government protests. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is officially on the US terror list. Iranian opposition: Classifying the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization is a long-awaited decision. What does classification mean? Classifying the IRGC as a terrorist organization means that belonging to it, attending its meetings, or displaying its logo in public places is a criminal offense. The designation aims to double the pressure imposed on Iran and its proxies against the backdrop of human rights violations, and dry up the sources of financing terrorism. This step comes nearly 3 years after the former US President, Donald Trump, on April 8, 2019, classified the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, based on Article 219 of the US Immigration and Nationality Act. According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Washington, the Revolutionary Guard “receives orders from the Iranian guide only, and is independent of the regular army, and it is the main engine of repression and export of terrorism, management of Iran’s nuclear and missile weapons projects, and control of the country’s economy.”

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