Palestine criticizes Israel's deduction of funds: a new war…and the world must intervene

Palestine’s politics criticizes Israel’s withholding of funds: a new war…and the world must intervene funds with the aim of undermining the current authority. These Israeli deductions from Palestinian funds, which Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, were aimed at “undermining the Palestinian Authority.” Shtayyeh said, in statements published by the Palestinian news Agency, that the measures taken by the current Israeli government “related to new financial discounts and the renewal of old ones, are nothing but a measure aimed at undermining the authority and pushing it to the brink financially and institutionally, which may limit the performance of its work in the service of our people.” But they will fail.” A “new war.” The Palestinian government official considered these measures “a new war against the Palestinian people, their capabilities and funds, and a war against the National Authority, its survival and its achievements,” saying: “These deductions are illegitimate and illegal, and it is a unilateral measure that is not subject to audit procedures from any Palestinian party or International, in addition to being in violation of the agreements signed with us. Israel withdraws an important personal card from the Palestinian Foreign Minister, adding that these measures “will not discourage our people and our leadership from moving forward in their political, diplomatic and legal struggle (…) We do not barter our right to self-determination and our freedom for money or privileges.” He explained that the total deductions related to the allocations of prisoners and martyrs amounted to about 2 billion shekels from the beginning of 2019 until the end of 2022, adding: “The total deductions related to health, electricity, water and others amounted to approximately 1.6 billion shekels for the year 2022 only.” Safety Net He called on “the Arab brothers to implement the decisions of the Arab summits related to activating the financial safety net, and to resume aid to the State of Palestine to enable it to confront these brutal measures.” He also called on the international community to “pressure the Israeli government to stop the piracy of our money and to return the accumulated and illegally detained Palestinian funds and dues.” right”. The Israeli government announced a series of financial and economic sanctions against the Palestinian Authority, following the decision of the United Nations General Assembly to request an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice regarding Israeli violations in the Palestinian territories.

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