Pistorius jumps from the shadows to the facade.. Will he salute the German “genie”?

Pistorius’ policy jumps from the shadows to the facade.. Will he revive the German “genie”? Updated Tuesday 1/17/2023 11:45 PM Abu Dhabi time From the shadows, a local interior minister in Germany jumps to the fore by appointing him defense minister, amid questions about whether Lambrecht’s successor will succeed in restoring the army. The appointment comes at a time when German Chancellor Olaf Schultz is under increasing pressure to appoint a new defense minister, after the resignation of Christine Lambrecht, who left the need to find a successor to move forward with plans to improve the equipment of the German army against the backdrop of the Russian war in Ukraine, and also to address the sensitive issue of shipments. arms to Ukraine. In remarks he made on Tuesday, Schulz confirmed the appointment of the Social Democratic politician Boris Pistorius as defense minister, considering him the right person for the position at a sensitive period. Schulz said, “Pistorius is a politician with extensive experience, administrative experience, and has been involved in security policies for years with his competence, persistence, and great heart. He is the right person to lead the Bundeswehr (the armed forces) in this era of change.” Two days after the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, the German chancellor described what happened as a “turning point threatening the post-World War II order,” announcing at the time what many considered a historic coup in his country’s security and defense policy. A coup represented in setting a special budget of about 100 billion euros to rearm the army and modernize its equipment. Earlier today, the German news agency quoted government sources as saying that the local interior minister for the state of Lower Saxony in western Germany, Boris Pistorius, will be appointed to succeed the resigned Federal Defense Minister, Christine Lambrecht. Lambrecht belongs to Schultz’s Social Democratic Party, and the current German government is made up of the Socialists, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party. Lambrecht announced her resignation yesterday in a statement, saying: “The media’s focus on my person for months hardly allows for the issuance of objective reports, a discussion about army soldiers, or the identification of political and security paths for the benefit of the citizens of Germany.” She added, “The valuable work of our soldiers and many enthusiastic people in this field should be at the forefront. That is why I decided to make my position available,” expressing her thanks to all those who “take care of our security daily,” adding, “I wish them all the best for the future.” . Lambrecht, 57, has been criticized for months, and the Christian coalition has repeatedly called for her dismissal, and her critics have accused her of slow performance in purchasing weapons and equipment for the German army and lack of experience. Criticism was also directed after the publication of a picture of her son on an army helicopter during a business trip to the minister. And the minister recently aroused more discontent with a video message she posted on “Instagram” on the occasion of the beginning of the new year, in which she spoke about the Russian war in Ukraine, while fireworks were launched in the background on New Year’s Eve.

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