Poland: No concrete evidence of who fired the missile


Poland: No concrete evidence of who fired the missile

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that his country does not have any concrete evidence about who fired the missile that caused an explosion in a village near the Ukrainian border.

He added in press statements: “We do not have any conclusive evidence at the present time about who fired this missile, most likely it is a Russian-made missile, but everything is still under investigation at the present time.”

The Polish Foreign Ministry said earlier that a Russian-made missile fell on the Polish village of Przevodau near the Ukrainian border, noting that it had summoned the Russian ambassador over the incident.

For its part, NATO announced that it will hold a meeting today, Wednesday, at Warsaw’s request, for consultations on the fall of Russian missiles in Poland.

The Polish government spokesman, Piotr Mueller, said in a press conference after an emergency meeting of the National Security Council that Warsaw is studying whether it needs to request consultations under Article IV of the North Atlantic Treaty.

NATO members are committed to collective defense, so a Russian strike on Poland would risk expanding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which began with the Russian operation last February.

Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty gives the right to any member state of the alliance that feels threatened by another country or a terrorist organization, to submit a request for member states to start formal consultations to decide whether the threat exists and how to confront it, while reaching unanimous decisions.

While Article Five stipulates that any armed attack against a member state of the alliance is considered an aggression against all members, and requires taking measures that members deem necessary to assist the target country.

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