Popular appeals and official demands.. The Libyan Attorney General is on the Lockerbie controversy


Popular appeals and official demands.. The Libyan Attorney General is on the Lockerbie controversy

After popular appeals and official demands, the Libyan Public Prosecutor entered the crisis line of handing over a Libyan citizen to Washington for trial in the “Lockerbie case”.

In the middle of last month, it was announced in Libya that a Libyan citizen named Abu Ajila Masoud had been kidnapped from Tripoli, Libya, before the United States of America announced, on Sunday, that it was “detaining” him on the basis of allegations that he helped make a bomb that exploded an American passenger plane over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988.

This sparked a wave of anger at the popular and official levels in Libya, since the Lockerbie case has been closed since 2008, after Libya, whose citizen Abdel Basset al-Megrahi was convicted of the accident, paid financial compensation to the families of the victims amounting to more than $ 2 billion.

This wave of anger was manifested in popular protests calling on the Libyan Attorney General to open an investigation into “handing over Masoud to Washington”, and official institutions, led by the Libyan Parliament, called on the Attorney General to do the same (investigation).

Also, the “Masoud” family announced, in a statement, on Tuesday, that it had submitted a complaint to the Libyan Attorney General against his kidnapping and handing him over to the American side, in violation of Libyan law.

The Libyan Attorney General responds

Today, Wednesday, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, the Libyan Public Prosecutor, decided the matter by announcing directly “the investigations into the incident of handing over the citizen Abu Ajila Masoud without legal procedures.”

The Libyan Attorney General, during statements to Libyan media, which Al-Ain news reviewed, in a recorded video, added, “The complaint in this regard was presented to us, and the matter under investigation and the results of the investigations will be announced at the time.”

On Tuesday, the Libyan citizen, “Abu Agila Masoud”, underwent the first trial in Washington, while the British newspaper “The Guardian” revealed the mystery of his kidnapping.

And she said, quoting Libyan officials, that “the Stability Support Agency headed by Abdul Ghani al-Kikli (affiliated with the outgoing Libyan National Unity Government) detained Abu Ajila Masoud in his home in the Abu Salim neighborhood in the capital, Tripoli, for a week, before transferring him to a military base in Misrata, then transferring him to Malta and then to America.” .

This information came as confirmation of what was uniquely stated by Al-Ain news in its previous report on the incident on November 21.

The return of Lockerbie

Since the case exploded, Libyan reactions have continued on a daily basis, condemning the incident and refusing to open the Lockerbie case file again.

Those reactions issued through statements by official Libyan authorities, headed by the House of Representatives, say in their entirety that “the Lockerbie case and all outstanding issues between Libya and the United States have been closed according to the Libyan-American settlement agreement signed in 2008, and the executive orders issued by former US President George Bush in the same year.” “.

Those similar statements in the text also say that “the case was also closed under Law No. 110/30 of 2008 passed by the US Congress, which stipulates that the Libyan property and individuals involved in the Lockerbie case are safe from seizure or any other judicial procedure.”

In addition to “Bush issuing a presidential decree stipulating his country’s commitment to completely ending any future claims and closing any cases opened by the families of the victims, whether before local or foreign courts.”

The American comment on the Libyan claims was also made by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who said, on Tuesday, that “the Libyan citizen Abu Ajila Masoud is being held in the United States, where he is being charged in connection with his alleged role in the Lockerbie case.”

Blinken thanked the US Department of Justice for its “tireless work in pursuing Abu-Ageila,” continuing: “We will always remember the victims of this heinous act,” he said in a statement posted on the ministry’s Twitter account.

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