Prince William's heart is divided between England and Wales.. What is the secret of the hat?


Prince William’s heart is divided between England and Wales.. What is the secret of the hat?

Ahead of Wales vs America at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Prince William revealed that he donned a Wales cap to watch their game against the USA, while wishing them good luck in their first World Cup since 1958.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the Prince of Wales sent his messages to wish the team good luck in the Welsh language, after an argument with actor Michael Sheen over his support for the Three Lions of his title as Prince.

Divided between England and his principality, Prince William shared a picture of a Welsh hat, which bore the emblem of a red dragon on the front, which he said he had received from the Speaker of the Welsh Parliament, Ellen Jones.

The cap – yellow, green and red – has become an indispensable ‘accessory’ for Wales fans over the past decade.

The England team defeated Iran 6-2 in the first match, Monday, while the match between Wales and America ended in a positive draw 1-1.

Prince William tweeted, in both English and Welsh, on Monday morning, saying: “I wish Wales and England the best of luck as they kick off (their match) in the World Cup today. Looking forward to watching.”

The letter ended with the letter “W”, which indicates that William himself wrote it, according to the “Daily Mail”.

And last week, the Prince of Wales insisted he would support both sides during the tournament during a visit to the Welsh National Assembly. “I tell everyone I support both of them, absolutely,” he said.

The prince, who is the president of the English Football Association, distributed the shirts to the English team before they headed to Qatar before the start of the tournament, on Sunday.

This prompted Welsh actor Michael Sheen to respond to this visit, saying it was “totally inappropriate” given his title.

In a video shared by the Football Association, the Prince of Wales told England: “We all support you.”

Via Twitter, Sheen replied: “He can, of course, support whoever he loves, and as FA Chairman his position explains the visit. But surely he finds carrying the title of Prince of Wales at the same time totally inappropriate? Not an iota of embarrassment? Or sensitivity to the problem.” over here?”

Prince William responded to Sheen, telling reporters during a visit to Cardiff that he would support both teams, England and Wales, during the tournament. He said: “I support both. I support England more in football, but Wales in rugby. Getting to the World Cup is huge and I will support Wales through that process.”

The prince has supported the Welsh rugby team since his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, brought him to matches when he was a child, and herself has been a loyal supporter of the team.

The prince previously ruled out attending the World Cup in Qatar “due to a busy winter schedule”. However, it is understood his office is looking into making arrangements should England reach the final on December 18.

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