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Programming Languages: Utility and Interpretation, Third Ed


This is the Net danger for Programming Languages: Utility and Interpretationusually referred to by its initials as PLAI (recount it love “play”). Through the years successfully over fifty academic institutions (that I do know of) win frail PLAI.

PLAI is designed for upper-stage classes that introduce the main tips of programming languages. In the US, it is designed for students of their second- through fourth-years of college, as successfully as beginning graduate students. Nonetheless, PLAI has been frail with students powerful younger, together with in a pair of opt excessive college classes.

The Present (Third) Edition

The third version is out as of 2022-12-08! The first public free up is version 3.2.0. There are two PDF versions:

The best difference is that the Desk of Contents in the worn has hyperlinks and in the latter has page numbers. Unfortunately, injurious-references inner the latter doc are silent hyperlinks, and can hence seemingly be ineffective. Sorry.

Is the guide free?

Yes, the guide is on hand free-of-cost under a CC BY-NC-SA license. If there might be quiz, I might perchance also place of residing up a print-on-quiz danger the place you are going to pay for a paper copy.

What modified?

Many, many issues. Please be taught the Preface.

Did I miss 3.1?

There turned into once an inner version at Brown in 2021. Since I am hoping to update this yearly, I figured it’s more straightforward for the public version numbers to trace the year. Which potential that truth, I’m retroactively dubbing that inner version 3.1. You didn’t miss the rest.

How usually construct you point out to free up versions?

Roughly one a year. Whereas it’s pleasing to authors to push new versions continually, treating books love utilitythat will seemingly be very disruptive to customers.

So why 3.2.0, no longer perfect 3.2?

On legend of I might perchance also secure some small adjustments in the impending weeks, in time for the (US) Spring 2023 semester. That can end result in 3.2.1.

Does that mean…

Yes, it formula we’re counting main versions from 1, minor versions by year, and sub-minor versions from 0. In case you gape this attention-grabbing, you most definitely also love “scripting languages”, and also you’ll love some chapters of the guide; while you gape it appalling, you’ll love other chapters.

How construct I assert you of concerns?

Please look right here.

Earlier Editions

  • The first version turned into once written between 2000 and 2007.

  • The second version turned into once written in 2012. It has powerful of the a linked drawl material because the main version. The main adjustments comprise:

    • Switching to a statically typed (and form-inferred) language.

    • Through the years, instructing the self-discipline cloth had taught me more moderen and better programs of presenting among the most drawl material. These adjustments had been mirrored in the prose.

    • Low-stage rewriting of the prose in loads of areas.

    • Reducing comparatively of the drawl material, in portion because it turned into once no longer fully love minded with the typed language.

    • Accompanied by an on-line directionwith videos.

  • I’m fully flattered that the second version of the guide has been translated into Chinese by volunteers. That you simply might well seemingly fetch it on GitHub. The translators are Lotuc and Chongkai Zhu / Zhu Chongkai. I’m immensely grateful to them.

  • A phylogenetic department, Programming and Programming Languages (PAPL), turned into once constructed between 2013 and 2020:

    • The first half of of PAPL is suited for an accelerated introduction to computer science.

    • The second half of of PAPL is a extra revision of PLAI’s second version.

    • A principal difference is that PAPL is entirely written in Pyret.

    • PAPL is co-authored with Joe Politz and Ben Lernertwo unbelievable co-authors.

Who am I?

I’m Shriram Krishnamurthy.

Tip Jar

In case you gape PLAI of price, please unquestionably feel free to tip me on Patreon or Coffee.

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