Putin celebrates the “Annunciation” on Christmas … and Kiev congratulates him with the “mortar”

Putin’s policy celebrates the “good news” on Christmas.. and Kiev congratulates him with the “mortar” Updated Saturday 1/7/2023 10:57 AM Abu Dhabi time “Prayer, reverence and candles” on the armistice with Ukraine.. This is how Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated birthday. In the “Annunciation”, one of the cathedrals of the Kremlin in Moscow, President Putin attended the Christmas Eve Mass of the Orthodox community, as Orthodox Christians in Russia celebrate Christmas on January 7 of each year. Christmas intensifies calls for a “truce” in Ukraine… One condition for Putin A truce for a day and a half… Putin’s Christmas gift To All Guards” in St. Petersburg. Russia’s Truce Putin had ordered a ceasefire along the front line in Ukraine from 12:00 Moscow time on January 6, until 24:00 on January 7, to give citizens in Russia and Ukraine an opportunity to perform rituals. Christmas and Revival Mass. The Kremlin said, in a statement, that “based on the fact that a large number of Orthodox Christian citizens live in the areas of military operations, we call on Ukraine to declare a ceasefire and give them the opportunity to attend services on Christmas Eve and the day of Christ’s birth.” Congratulations on the “mortar” but the Kyiv authorities rejected Russia’s cease-fire initiative, and the shelling continued even after the Russian armistice entered into force. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said, in a statement, that its soldiers are still launching attacks, especially in the Donetsk region, in the east of the country.. In this way, they congratulated Russia on the approaching Christmas. The ceasefire was not adhered to by Ukraine, confirming the targeting of Russian sites in The small town of Bakhmut, in the east of the country, was bombarded with 120-millimeter mortars, which the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense described as a “gift.”The spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow, Igor Konashenkov, confirmed that the Russian army wanted to abide by the ceasefire, but Ukraine continued to fire Konashenkov added that the Ukrainian army also launched attacks with grenade launchers and artillery to the south near the village of Belohorivka in the Luhansk region, pointing out that “the Russian forces responded with fire and paralyzed the movement of the positions used by the Ukrainian army to launch the shells.”

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