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Question HN: Stepping into AI?

Question HN: Stepping into AI?
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I’m a machine engineer with ~10 years of ride in robotics and in extra ragged full stack trend. For the previous twelve months I’ve been having a be conscious at your entire growth going down in ML/AI and every day I’m extra convinced that there in all equity a couple of game-altering stuff that could come out of it (what we’re seeing with Rep Diffusion and GPT3 are some examples of this).

I’d relish to pivot my profession from ragged backend/frontend web trend form work in opposition to, nonetheless I’m struggling to place a idea in procedure.

– What could well well well be the most predominant issues to be taught?- What are doubtlessly related companies to utilize to? Within the previous I’ve been cautious of companies throwing AI words spherical, as of path moderately a couple of them were correct using some total ML objects and calling it ground breaking AI to hype traders and possible hires.

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