Quiz HN: Any anxiousness capabilities value building an MVP for?

That is one thing I’d cherish to develop but don’t comprise time. I became talking to a police officer a couple months ago and he became telling me the difficulties they’ve facing folks that talk no English all over emergency instances (somebody’s bleeding out).

They comprise got a language provider they can spend but it completely’s unhurried to loop but another person in. They slay up resorting to Google Translate which is moreover kinda unhurried to kind in their questions. The snort to text characteristic is finicky too.

What he wants is a site / app with a series of pre recorded questions. The answers are simple sure / no nods. This might perchance potentially set up somebody’s lifestyles.

I in reality mediate this can comprise to gentle be a free web snort material. But whenever you happen to’re attempting to birth a swap it’s veritably a grand device to develop credibility within the set up.

Would you catch this purely for native laws enforcement and first responders? What questions shall be the very finest priority for the spend case?

Would you moreover comprise domain recount spend cases as well?

Enormous questions, I’m now no longer sure. If I were drawing cease this I’d strive to accomplice with a police officer as the domain educated.

I imagine it wouldn’t be onerous to pick up somebody interested in serving to – most folks cherish talking about their problems. Perhaps be part of some Facebook groups? Or changed into eager with your native precinct?

I comprise some Nginx catch entry to logs. Now not many logs. I want to parse these logs and analyse them.

Some questions I want to reply to from my logs:

1. Which API is unhurried

2. Which API is broken, ie. returning 4xx or 5xx

3. Which API known as most continuously

I don’t desire to mix some backend tool into my code. As a minimum now no longer at this stage.

Hopefully there’ll also be a site for me to upload my logs. After uploading, it would parse my logs and present me some plots. Google does no longer introduce me to such services. Perhaps there are some.

At the slay, I spent 2 hours parsing the strategies with Python and analizing them with R. To set up myself 2 hours’ lifestyles, I’d pay for the sort of provider.

I believed of organising the sort of product myself. But I want to put in force some varied belief first.

When you perceive such create of provider, please let me know 🙂

A pair of days ago came all the very best device by the MIT-licensed GoAccess. It generates both terminal and HTML essentially based completely experiences that ought to tackle your wants. You drag the instrument from the repeat line, so doesn’t resolve the web snort material-to-upload-a-file requirement, but that’s veritably a relaxing little project (if somebody hasn’t already performed that).


Microsoft’s Kusto database has a free tier and its question language has a “render” repeat for making plots.

I searched Google for: analyze nginx logs for api stats

The Moesif and Datadog hyperlinks scrutinize promising.

Thanks. I’ve spent a little while on them whereas I did my evaluation.

I obtained the affect that I want to set up some tool or mix them into my backend. They’re more adore system video display. Perhaps I became bad. That is now no longer how I needed develop it.

I am hoping to upload my nginx logs and catch the outcomes straight away.

Perhaps a product that helps indie hackers think problems value solving with out the effort of participating with the real world?

All snark aside, you for my allotment favor to skills the tell of that you just can well also very well be going to reach up with a peculiar solution these that pay for.

Trust the second paragraph strongly. I certainly feel adore most correct tips reach from some amount of background and skills within the tell domain and marrying that with technical ability to develop an answer.

That stated, because I comprise the latter ability, I see a form of examples where folks comprise problems and proper don’t imagine a tech solution would wait on them. That is a blessing and curse for OP.

Plod visit native businesses. Quiz them about what are their anxiousness capabilities. Fabricate for them. Level of curiosity on the answer from their POV. You ain’t gonna pick up shit online.

A form of their anxiousness capabilities might perchance seemingly be addressed by present tool, more cost-effective and faster than that you just can well develop an MVP for. Which you might gentle argue the customised route, however. I read a bit of writing about somebody who did that and the purchasers were very jubilant with the .

Perhaps? The purpose is to step away from the computer and traipse to the real world to discover about what problems exist.

Certain, but some folks are naturally greater at that than others. I’m sure apply helps though.

That’s a actually murky argument. No one is born ultimate. We all comprise varied ranges of doable in accordance to a area of abilities. It’s up to us to transfer set up within the apply.

Yes that is seemingly to be more easy for others. I don’t finish coding correct because I gained’t be to Peter Norvigs stage. I gentle strive to strive to strive to strive …

Which you might also apply and catch reasonably correct. Nevertheless, some folks are correct greater at sales, and loads others, and comprise already set up in a form of time practicing. Nevertheless, as you speak, all is now no longer lost whenever you happen to don’t know/work with somebody adore that, it will even be performed.

Of us comprise instructed “scratch your be pleased itch” but I pick up here is continuously adore attempting to see your be pleased eyes.

Imagine a person, or pick up a person to your lifestyles. Kind a “persona” around that person’s experiences you see.

To this point, if that person is you, grand. Now you would see yourself correct similar to you were any varied object, with properties and methods, and loads others.

Then device out the experiences of that persona, and catch varied personas and develop the identical for these. As you device out loads of personas, you’re going to initiate to see shared experiences they’ve.

As you scrutinize by shared experiences you’re going to initiate to pick up anxiousness capabilities, and quickly that you just can well comprise anxiousness capabilities that are the identical all the very best device by many personas.

Effort point mapping will also be as excessive-stage as “does now no longer comprise viable future” or as low-stage as “can not be awake password” so you’d like one thing within the middle adore “can not realize simple methods to catch site traffic” or a mid-low “forgets to rep milk” or “can not …”

That is what folks veritably accomplice with a Enhance Hacker for, or comprise a cofounder with tips already and desires a technical system to an belief already ready.

In repeat for you the indie hacker lifestyles, you’re going to comprise to develop the abilities that tackle it.

Of us comprise a entire bunch anxiousness capabilities that irritate them passable to pay for a fix, but the overwhelming majority won’t physique it within the sort of particular device or correct enlighten it to the enviornment.

Which you might also take a path adore 30×500 (my non-public advice) that equips you for the sort of tension discovery and fix definition project. When that you just can well also very well be willing to wait and see about it, you would moreover, to your be pleased time, develop your listening abilities for that form of complaint.

Example: from your question, if I might perchance offer a provider that lists capabilities of friction or inefficiency that many people whinge about and would pay to toughen, you would doubtlessly pay me to make spend of it and rep a starter to your project. That is a swap belief! If I will resolve out a legitimate, sustainable device to score this data and then reach out to folks to your scenario to offer it, I’m on my device to a viable product.

For B2C:

1. Is there a neighborhood that you just can well also very well be already segment of? Could be curiosity / swap connected

2. Attain that you just can well comprise a straightforward device to reach them (e.g. by a sub-reddit)?

3. If folks are continuously soliciting for the identical create of data or numbers, is there a possibility to catch a Google Sheets doc with vital tabular data? (would simplest take you just a few hours)

4. If folks abet referencing this spreadsheet that you just can well comprise created, you would throw it into MongoDB and now that you just can well comprise obtained a) one thing vital and b) site traffic.

Is this simplistic and prescriptive? Yes, but greater than catch-react-app and hoping to develop one thing folks want.

Love this solution excluding would counsel Baserow since you like to take away the technical hiccups and catch quick visuals. Combines the Google Sheets and MongoDB facets.

Airtable is moreover fine but now no longer self-host capable and getting reasonably bloated and clingy with advertising, and loads others.


Love your solution!!! I mediate “scratch your be pleased itch” is a correct solution too, but yours opens up the prospects now no longer correct to my be pleased itches but to varied folks’s itches too. More so, it’s bright and centered. Thanks!!!

You’re asking the bad question to the bad crowd. We’re all tool engineers, if there became one thing obvious we’d develop it ourselves.

Why now no longer serving to to physique the tell greater suggesting an improved model of the question?

As an engineer, can not you raise the spirit of what is being asked and counsel reformulations?

I mediate that you just can well also very well be drawing cease this from the bad route. When that you just can well comprise the technical abilities and some tips, you would initiate proving them out and presumably pursue one. But there are an awful lot of people with correct tips, most of them detrimental but now no longer all, who want technical wait on. I’d heart of attention on finding somebody how has labored on validation to the point where that you just can well also very well be happy they’ve obtained one thing, then strive to meet up. The validation is a valuable key, since it helps demonstrate they’re committed and bringing exact value to the table. Previously this can even had been passable for them to catch funding and rep technical skills, but with altering markets you investing your abilities has mighty more value. When you apply this style once or just a few instances you’re going to learn plenty about discovery and validation and then presumably comprise one thing you like to pursue fully independently.

Something I’ve wished became a draw of organising any computer I contact to comprise what I want/search data from it to comprise so I will initiate working in a dev atmosphere.

I dev on windows, osx, and Ubuntu.

To this point I’ve written a traipse CLI that’s ready to bootstrap some stuff for a recent computer, and repeat me what I’m missing.

Possess you tried Nix[1]? The learning curve became a bit steep for me, but I mediate I finally started “getting” it and it completely solves this tell for me. Now I’m at the point where if I set up Nix on any computer, VM, no subject, I will correct pull in my configs by project of house manager[2] and every little thing Acceptable Works. It be seriously one of many simplest equipment managers I’ve ever used, and I will not imagine going help to anything else. Windows improve is simplest by project of WSL, so this can even very well be a non-starter for you.

[1]: //

[2]: //

I adore the premise, is there anything else in this set up already?

I’m imagining a GUI where you rep from a checklist of objects adore “Python Type”, “.NET Type” and loads others, and it one way or the opposite pushes o ut that configuration to your machine(s).

Now not sure what number of people shall be willing to pay for it though?

I comprise an ansible playbook that I will drag so as to add/take away things, area configs and loads othersMy dotfiles has a script known as ‘update-machine’ that pulls the hottest playbook, and runs it. I will traipse from a blank machine to having every little thing I want in 10 mins or so.

Solutions adore gitpod or Github Codespace are going precisely in that route. Certain, they’re now no longer to your machine. But thats precisely why they can catch it reproducible, no aspect effects with varied installed tool or configurations.

Get within the blank on this sentence just a few instances with out pondering too mighty:

“It’s onerous for me to _________________.”

Then, to be optimistic you’re now no longer BS’ing yourself ask this apply-up question for every solution:

“Possess I taken any action to fix this?”

When you haven’t, it’s doubtlessly a made up tell.

When that you just can well comprise, there might be the starting point to your MVP belief…

Don’t distress with decentralization. No person is aware of what that’s. You will correct slay up wasting precious time defining a term they don’t to hear because they’ve already settled on unrealistic expectations which comprise nothing to develop with decentralizing anything else.

I had been interested in how I might perchance monetize performance. I comprise learned simple methods to load data heavy pages with complex 0.3 seconds with corpulent speak restoration. I comprise moreover found one device to test automate which comprise with ease and with out a huge test automation framework.

Performance is grand because the swap implications are huge from improved human heart of attention and no more fatigue to fewer infrastructure charges and superior user retention.

I’m create of moreover searching for that but I don’t desire to shatter efforts in experiments. I want to MVP one thing that might perchance with out misfortune initiate making a living fleet.

Now not completely sure on simple methods to pick up it but, but I’m reasonably sure is now no longer correct online.


Like a flash C/C++ toolchain. Identical tempo as tcc but with cpp improve. No favor to catch grand-optimized code, shall be good to comprise LLVM as an optionally available backend for release builds.

Now not sure if one thing adore this exists but I’d cherish a project administration tool (web or native) aimed towards solo builders that prioritizes tempo and keyboard shortcuts.

Present instruments cater for teams and organizations, so that they reach with bells and whistles which I don’t desire. What I’m buying for is one thing a tad greater than notepad: blazing fleet device to catch an entry and classify it as characteristic, computer virus, evaluation and loads others, add some tags adore frontend, backend, UI, and loads others and add some notes. Clearly there might be reasonably more adore a grand search, one device to swiftly switch between initiatives and loads others but the point of curiosity will comprise to gentle be on simplicity and tempo of spend. Ideally reasonably mighty every little thing will comprise to gentle be doable by project of keyboard. It be okay if it be opinionated and has restricted functionality. But so long as core process administration aspects are seamless, I’d be jubilant.

I’m engaged on a initiate-up belief glorious now and knowing the above shall be certainly purposeful (be pleased itch). Moreover low key pondering of establishing it myself.

My accomplice did a DNA test by because she wished to perceive her ethnicity. She became the realm of a closed adoption. When she obtained her outcomes help, she obtained a checklist of these that opted-in to sharing DNA match set up with others. Her matches were correct passable that it became very doable to pick up her biological folks.

There are a form of methods to building familial profiles from this record. One known as “Leeds” where you set up people into groups who they themselves match with. Which you might also then color-code it and catch a visual distinction of households. There are varied methods, too: grouping matches by ethnicity, and by ancestor.

Clearly, I didn’t favor to develop this by hand adore all people else. I sought out present tool but the two alternatives required me to login to Ancestry (and now no longer by project of oauth), and drag a consumer on my computer discover it irresistible’s 1999.

No thanks.

I wrote some Ruby scripts, it didn’t take long. I joined some Facebook groups which where purposeful. I tried to be purposeful with what I had learned, so I defined the methods to others who had posted within the crew.

I realized that now no longer all people does this on a pc with two monitors, adore I comprise. A form of people don’t even be pleased a pc at the dispute time, contrary to what HN would lead me to occupy.

One person became in particular… I don’t favor to speak inept, but determined. I equipped to drag my code towards their matches after they added my story as a collaborator to their test, allowing me to see their matches with out needing to offer me their login. I did, they stated thanks.

The next day I awakened with 42 messages in my Facebook inbox asking if I might perchance develop theirs.

I spent the weekend putting together a shitty web snort material that computerized this and despatched the link. All people became very grateful. I listened to them and built it out reasonably more. Some seasoned “search angels” (folks with a knack for this create of sleuthing) asked me to develop out some varied experiences. I created them, and asked these folks to yarn some of their workflows so I might perchance see how I might perchance toughen their handbook processes. A Chrome extension became born to inject some code into Ancestry for greater UX.

Little did I do know that after I took a DNA test I’d learn that my dad isn’t my father. My mother handed away three years ago, and in spite of us being simplest traffic, she by no draw urged me this truth. I comprise since learned that she talked about this truth to others, but by no draw disclosed a title (and no-one ever pressed).

I actually am on this wild goose lunge now, and my original search angel traffic are on it with me, though for the final few months we comprise now been collectively stumped and brickwalled.

What I’m attempting to speak is that there are problems all around us. We correct favor to hear for them, and question why things are performed the trend they’re performed. If there’s any form of wiggle room, or gray set up as to why, it will also very well be an misfortune value solving. It will perchance perchance now no longer be a reasonably technical tell remarkable of the front web page of HN; it will also now no longer even comprise passable bros within the neighborhood to enhance you on ProductHunt. The case for the spend of a original sizzling popular stack can even very well be lost. It will also now no longer even be all that winning.

But whenever you happen to adjust your expectations, and pick up one thing that certainly pursuits you reasonably than somebody else, you’re going to comprise to gentle catch passable pleasure to catch it purposeful.

My matches, in case somebody is attractive: //… (sorry cell customers, I haven’t reasonably realized the UI here)

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