Rainfall map in Egypt within 6 days.. Here is the meteorological forecast

Temperatures drop in Egypt, starting from Tuesday until next Sunday, and mild weather prevails during the day in Greater Cairo, and cold at the end of the night.

According to what was announced by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, the weather is moderate during the day, including Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, but it is hot in southern Sinai and Upper Egypt, in the south of the country, and at the beginning of the night it is pleasant, but it tends to be cold at the end.

Temperatures drop in most parts of the Republic and its governorates, and cold temperatures continue until the early hours of the day, in northern Egypt and northern Upper Egypt.

During Tuesday, the rain may be light and moderate in areas of the northern coasts of Egypt and northern Lower Egypt, at intermittent intervals.

However, the rains are light in areas of southern Lower Egypt and the cities of the Canal, and rain may occur by 30%, and it extends to areas of Greater Cairo, with an incidence of 20% at intermittent intervals. Winds are also active on the northeastern coasts of the country.

Tomorrow, the rain will become between light and medium on a number of areas of the northeastern coasts, and north of Lower Egypt, at intermittent intervals.

As for next Thursday, it is expected that light rain will fall on areas of the northern coasts, and north of Lower Egypt, at intermittent intervals.

The winds continue on areas in the northeastern coasts on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday there is intermittent wind activity in areas of South Sinai.

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