“Russian agent” at the heart of Germany's intelligence… New information

The policy of “Russian agent” in the heart of German intelligence.. New information updated Tuesday 12/27/2022 01:24 AM Abu Dhabi time Over the course of days, the case of the arrest of a Russian agent exploded in the heart of German intelligence, as investigations show explosive details firsthand. According to reports from the German media networks NDR and VDR, investigations revealed that the German foreign intelligence officer, Carsten L., provided classified information about the situation in Ukraine to Russia. According to investigations, the accused, who was detained a week ago, was blackmailed by Russia, according to the German newspaper Bild, citing security services. According to the report, the Federal Prosecutor General and the Foreign Intelligence Service did not want to comment on the matter, and both referred only to their press releases issued last Thursday. Carsten L. worked as a senior employee in the top-secret “technical reconnaissance” department of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). It is suspected that he gained access to all contact data obtained by the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) through wiretapping around the world. It is also suspected that he provided information received from friendly secret services, especially from the United States and Great Britain, to the Russians, which is considered a disaster for the relations of the German Foreign Intelligence Service with the agencies of other countries. Last Thursday, officer “Carsten L.” appeared before the investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe, Germany, who ordered his detention pending investigation. According to the Criminal Code, Carsten could be punished for treason with a minimum term of five years, and up to life imprisonment in particularly serious cases such as his.

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