Saudi Arabia arrests 16,340 illegals per week

RIYADH — Around 16,340 violators of residency, labor rules and border security rules were arrested in various regions of the Kingdom within a week.

Per the Ministry of Interior the arrests were made at the end of the joint field campaigns performed by various objects of the safety forces at the end of the Kingdom at the end of the week from Nov. 10 to 16.

The arrests integrated 9,526 violators of the residency device, 4,335 violators of the border security suggestions, and a pair of,479 violators of the labor rules.

But every other 520 of us were arrested whereas attempting to gruesome the border into the Kingdom, 36% were Yemenis, 62% Ethiopians, and a pair of% of various nationalities, with 24 violators being caught attempting to gruesome the border to exit Saudi Arabia .

Fifteen persons, who were all for transporting and harboring violators of residency and work rules and practiced duvet up activities, were arrested.

A complete of 54,200 violators are presently subjected to procedures for violating rules, of which 49,806 are men and 4,394 are females.

Of them 44,143 violators were referred to their diplomatic missions to kind trail paperwork, 2,241 violators were referred to their full trail reservations, and 10,119 violators were deported.

The Ministry of Interior stressed that anyone who facilitates the entry of an infiltrator into the Kingdom or affords him transportation, shelter, or any assistance or carrier will likely be punished with penalties of as much as 15 years in penitentiary, and a most elegant of SR1 million , as successfully as to the confiscation of the methodology of transportation and lodging.

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