Symptoms and causes of ear blockage


Symptoms and causes of ear blockage

Ear blockage is one of the health problems that affect the daily life of a person and must be treated quickly. Below are the symptoms, causes and treatment of ear blockage.

Ear blockage is one of the problems that a person faces, especially when he has colds and influenza, and this is a result of the accumulation of waxy materials inside the ear, which causes blockage and pain. In the following report, we learn about the symptoms and causes of ear blockage, how to treat and exercises that help to get rid of this blockage.

Symptoms of ear blockage

Symptoms of ear blockage:

  • Feeling itchy in the ear.
  • Pain ranging in intensity from weak to strong in the ear.
  • Not being able to hear well.
  • Sensation of fullness in the ear.
  • ear redness
  • Foul smell from the ear.
  • Some secretions coming out of the ear.
  • Runny nose.
  • Sore throat.
  • Coughing and sneezing.
  • High temperature.

Continuous ear noise.. Symptoms that require a visit to the doctor

Causes of ear blockage

Causes of ear blockage:

– Having a cold or cold.

Inflammation of the middle ear.

Entering a foreign body into the ear.

– Climbing in very high places, and when boarding an airplane.

Ear infections or allergies.

– Inflammation of the sinuses.

– Increased secretion of sebaceous glands that are found in the outer ear canal, and this is due to genetic factors or ear infection

Wrong ear cleaning using chopsticks.

– Water entering the ear when bathing or swimming increases the volume of wax, and thus leads to blockage.

Ear blockage treatment

Ear blockage treatment:

You should consult a doctor when the ear is obstructed so that the appropriate treatment for the condition can be prescribed, and one of the methods of treatment used is the use of some medications such as:

Decongestants are usually in the form of nasal sprays or tablets.

Antibiotics until infections are treated.

– Anti-allergic.

– A surgical procedure may be resorted to in some severe cases by making a small hole in the eardrum and the fluid accumulated inside is removed.

Ear occlusion exercises:

There are some exercises that may help you get rid of clogged ears, including:

– Repeated swallowing, which helps to stimulate the ear muscles.

Put a warm towel on the ear to get rid of congestion.

– Yawning also has a role in getting rid of ear blockage, and you can do this through imaginary yawning, and this is by opening the mouth with inhalation and exhalation.

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