The American-African Summit.. Experts reveal the most prominent files on the table


The American-African Summit.. Experts reveal the most prominent files on the table

The eyes of the world are turning to Washington, where the US-Africa Summit is taking place, the largest gathering of African leaders in the United States since the Corona pandemic.

The summit comes after a 3-month delay and two months after the launch of the new US security strategy last October to form a plan to counter Chinese-Russian influence in the region, according to academic and political experts.

In their interview with Al-Ain news, they stressed that “the summit will witness many attempts to attract the brown continent and develop new plans to confront terrorist groups in Africa.”

The new American strategy

Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, Dr. Tarek Fahmy, believes that “the basis for the summit is an American move to respond to the Chinese and Russian moves in the brown continent.”

Fahmy added in his interview with “Al-Ain news” that “the summit was postponed from last September and includes economic and political issues, but what is new is the response to any hostile international moves, whether towards the participating African and Arab countries.”

He explained that “the American-African summit is the first practical implementation of the American strategy for national security, which was launched by the White House last October, which is paying attention to certain circles and placing them on priority, and it is a real experience in the sense of those who attended, not as those who participated and translated the strategy in the African region.”

Important messages

Regarding the messages to be sent from the summit, he says, “The first message is that” the United States will not abandon its traditional spheres of influence through the summit, its holding, and the new activities that will be agreed upon. The second is an attempt to gather allies and major partners, and pay attention to Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, and work with them.

He revealed that “America is working on the idea of ​​the African American Corps, which is an African military force under the supervision of the United States, to strike the sources of terrorism in Chad, the south of the Sahel and the Sahara.”

Regarding the idea of ​​a permanent seat for Africa in the Security Council, the professor of political science at Cairo University confirmed that the American embassies promoted the idea, but it is incorrect because the decision is not in the hands of the United States alone, but rather there are 4 other countries, but it will be presented at the summit.

Regarding Egypt’s participation, Fahmy stressed that it is “important,” especially that it “represents the largest Arab powers at the summit, and it also has a great priority in the American strategy.”

Confronting terrorism

For her part, Dr. Sally Farid, Head of the Department of Politics and Economics at the Faculty of Graduate African Studies at Cairo University, said, “The summit will shed light on the abundance of human capital and natural resources in the continent, considering its future market, which is interconnected within the framework of the African Continental Free Trade Area, and its regional economic groupings.” Its economic growth rate is 6%.

Farid added in her interview with “Al-Ain news” that “Africa possesses qualifications that make it capable of facing crises and enables it to strengthen its sovereignty in sectors of great strategic importance, such as health, food security, energy and the infrastructure environment, in a way that ensures comprehensive growth and fair and equitable development.”

And she continued: “The summit stresses the importance of enhancing ways of cooperation on common global priorities to better promote new economic participation, strengthen the commitment of the United States and Africa to democracy and human rights, and mitigate the repercussions of Corona and future epidemics.”

She stressed that “the summit sheds light on the multiple challenges facing the brown continent, foremost of which is terrorism that spreads throughout African countries, including armed groups, ISIS and all organizations that threaten the stability of these countries and the global economy.”

She pointed out that “food and military insecurity in Africa is one of the main causes of instability in countries, in addition to the negative repercussions of climate change and the decline in exports under the pioneering African Growth and Opportunity Act in the United States (AGOA), which provides some countries with duty-free access to goods.” to the American market.

Russian Sino influence

In the same context, Eman Al-Shaarawy, Director of the African Studies Unit at the Regional Future Center for Strategic Studies, confirmed that “the new summit is very different from previous summits, whether it is related to the nature of the economic and political challenges and crises facing the whole world, and what is related to the change in the United States’ vision of the continent in recent years.” And work to consolidate aspects of cooperation in all fields to counter Chinese and Russian influence on the continent.

Al-Shaarawi added, in her interview with “Al-Ain news”, that “there will be a number of issues that will be on the agenda of the summit, most notably facing the repercussions of climate change that Africa suffers from more than other continents of the world,” as well as “promoting development and food security.”

She pointed out that “the economic file will be strongly discussed regarding the provision of large economic support from the United States to Africa and the implementation of Africa’s Agenda 2063, as well as support for the African Sahel countries in confronting terrorist organizations, especially after the increased activity of these organizations in a way that Africa has become a new focus for the launch of these terrorist groups in the scientist”.

Al-Shaarawi stressed that “America is working to open new horizons of cooperation that contribute to strengthening American influence in the brown continent, within the framework of US President Joe Biden’s efforts to restore America’s standing at the international level.”

Al-Shaarawi said, “Despite the efforts of African countries to reform the Security Council, and to increase the number of countries that enjoy the right of veto, so that there are two African countries that have this right, it is unlikely that this important file will be resolved at the American-African summit, due to the rejection of The United States of America this matter because it will directly affect its interests.

The Director of the African Studies Unit at the Regional Future Center for Strategic Studies concluded by emphasizing that “the African continent is witnessing great competition by international powers due to its geopolitical importance, in addition to that” Africa, with its enormous natural wealth and human resources, will make the difference in addressing the most urgent challenges. She explained that “Africa should benefit from the global attention directed towards it in order to achieve tangible political and economic gains.”

Continental elections in 2023

While Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser at the White House, revealed that President Biden will discuss with the leaders participating in the summit the 2023 elections and democracy on the continent, within the framework of the summit.

Sullivan added, “President Joe Biden will hold a dinner, on Wednesday evening, for about 50 African leaders participating in the summit.”

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