The death of Wadih George Wassouf.. Shock, sadness and condolences to Sultan Al Tarab

The art of the death of Wadih George Wassouf.. Shock, sadness and consolation to Sultan Al-Tarab Updated Saturday 1/7/2023 10:54 AM Abu Dhabi time The death of the Syrian artist George Wassouf, who lost his son Wadih after he passed away, following complications from an operation he underwent. And the news of Wadih George Wassouf’s death came down like a thunderbolt to the Sultan of Tarab, the artistic community, and all the artist’s fans. Among the nicknames that the artist became famous for was “Abu Wadih” in relation to his late son from his first wife, “Shalimar”. George Wassouf on New Year’s Eve 2023.. Angham repairs what was spoiled by a “sudden failure.” George Wassouf.. How did he celebrate the success of his song “Bettalkm Alia”? Wadih’s last posts were days before his departure when he congratulated his father on his birthday, sharing a picture of them on Instagram, and wrote on it : “Happy birthday to my father, my brother, my best friend… I love you.” The stars of art mourned Wadih and the stars of art mourned Wadih, the son of the artist George Wassouf, through posts on social media, among them was Nancy Ajram, who wrote: “What is true!! What a cruel death!!! The loss of a young man is worth the world.” Angham also mourned Wadih on Twitter, saying: “There is no power or strength except with sincere condolences on the death of Wadih George Wassouf..May God have mercy on him and be kind to him, and give you patience, O Abu Wadih, and bind your heart and his mother’s heart to me. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.” While Najwa Karam called him, saying: “The world is pain..and this pain in particular is embers of fire and it will not be extinguished, especially with the family..May God have mercy on your meek youth, and give patience to the heart of Abu Wadi’ and Umm Wadi’.” While Elissa called him, saying: “Separation is very difficult. O Lord, your wisdom is greater, but separation hurts a lot, and the calamity is great. My heart is with you, Abu Wadih, who bears the name of your son all your life, and now bears the pain of his separation. May God give you strength.” While Ziyad Burji mourned him, saying: “What is this harsh news..I got very early..Farewell, beloved of Zico’s heart, oh meek, oh angel..May God make your resting place in Paradise and give patience to your mother, your father, and your sisters. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.” For his part, Fares Karam also mourned him, saying: “A meek and will of God have mercy on your soul and give patience to the heart of a meek father and a meek mother, and be with them in this difficult ordeal, a meek that has become in the hands of the Lord.”

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