The Emirates project to explore the moon begins December 11th

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced that the launch date for the Emirates Lunar Exploration Project – the first Emirati mission to the surface of the moon – will be on Sunday, December 11, 2022.

The launch will be at 11:38 am UAE time, but the date and time are still subject to change due to any developments in weather or other conditions.

This announcement comes after confirming the landing site of the explorer Rashid in the Atlas crater located at 47.5 degrees north and 44.4 degrees east on the southeastern outer edge of the Mare Frigoris region, or what is known as the “Cold Sea”, located in the far north of the moon, which was chosen in order to preserve flexibility. during the execution of the task operations.

The landing site was also chosen taking into account the multiple emergency situations that can be used depending on the variables that occur during transportation, as the site has the technical specifications and scientific objectives of the Emirates Moon Exploration Project.

Once it lands, the explorer Rashid will study the properties of the soil on the surface of the moon, the rocks and geology of the moon, the movement of dust, plasma and the photoelectric envelope, which are all new discoveries about this region of the moon. Which makes the UAE lunar exploration project one of the most anticipated space missions.

The Atlas crater is a site that has not been previously explored by any of the spacecraft or even previous manned missions, which makes the Emirates Lunar Exploration Project one of the most important anticipated missions.

In cooperation with the mission partners “SpaceX” and “iSpace”, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center indicated that the launch vehicle is located in Complex No. 40 of the Cape Canaveral Space Base in the United States, and it will be transferred to the launch pad when the specified launch date approaches.

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