The government calls for speedy agreement on fair prices for fodder.. Madbouly: State agencies will intervene

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, chaired a meeting today; To follow up on the mechanisms for providing the necessary feed for the poultry industry, in the presence of Hassan Abdullah, Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Mr. Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and Eng. Mustafa Al-Sayyad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fisheries and Poultry Affairs, and Major General Hossam Najida, Vice President of the National Service Projects Authority of the Armed Forces, Dr. Ayman Hossam, Head of the Consumer Protection Agency, factory owners and chairmen of boards of directors of companies supplying soybeans, corn and feed ingredients.

At the outset of the meeting, the Prime Minister said that today’s meeting with companies supplying soybeans, corn, and feed manufacturers comes to review the complaints received from many poultry farm owners, especially with a sharp increase in the selling prices of those products necessary for the poultry industry.

Madbouly: We will cooperate until this crisis passes… and the state will not allow the poultry industry to instability

He added that the current global conditions we are going through do not tolerate exaggerated increases in the prices of essential commodities for a number of vital sectors, including the poultry industry, which affects the daily lives of citizens.

He said, “The state will not accept the continuation of these conditions… These are exaggerated increases under these circumstances, and if these increases do not stop, the state will intervene with its mechanisms.” He stressed: We will not allow the poultry industry to instability, as this industry is very important.

The Prime Minister affirmed the keenness of the state with its various agencies to support various industries, and to provide more facilities and incentives for their growth.

Noting the importance of quickly agreeing on appropriate and fair prices for soybeans, corn, and fodder in general, saying: “This is a clear message… and the state’s regulatory agencies will intervene.”

He added: The Central Bank of Egypt is supportive of this industry with us, and there is continuous coordination in this regard.

The Prime Minister said: What we care about is preserving an important industry such as the poultry industry. Because it provides the needs of citizens of these necessary commodities, and its role as well in providing more job opportunities, reaffirming the continuous support for the private sector that operates in this integrated system of the poultry industry.

During the meeting, the Governor of the Central Bank discussed various efforts to support the poultry industry, and mechanisms for dealing with chairpersons and boards of directors of companies and factories supplying soybeans, corn, and fodder ingredients, in order to facilitate various procedures related to this important industry, and seek to overcome any challenges or obstacles.

The Minister of Agriculture referred to the meetings held with officials of the poultry industry sector; To discuss immediate solutions to the challenges they face, given the importance of this industry, its role in meeting the needs of citizens, and the volume of investments that this sector enjoys.

The Minister of Agriculture noted that the total quantities of soybeans and corn released from Egyptian ports, during the period from October 16, 2022 to December 1, amounted to 960,000 tons. He reviewed a number of proposals and recommendations that would contribute to providing more quantities of soybeans. And corn needed for the poultry industry.

For their part, factory owners and chairmen of the boards of directors of companies supplying soybeans, corn, and feed ingredients addressed the challenges they face at this stage, and the efforts made to deal with them.

In this regard, the Prime Minister stressed that the global conditions are very difficult, saying: “We will cooperate together until this crisis passes.”

The Prime Minister concluded the meeting by assigning the Minister of Agriculture to coordinate with the various concerned authorities, in order to agree on fair and appropriate wholesale and retail prices for both soybeans and corn.

Provided that they are applied, and that the regulatory bodies follow up on the application of those prices, and deal decisively with any violators of them, and he stressed: “We are in a global crisis, and unprecedented challenges … and we will not allow anyone to exploit them.”

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