The most important of which is buying books in installments.. 10 information about the 2023 book fair before visiting it

Updated Thursday 1/19/2023 11:00 AM Abu Dhabi time You can read this article to find out all the information about the Book Fair 2023 to schedule your visit to the fair, as this year the fair offers many facilities and events. Many are waiting for the most important annual cultural event in the Arab world, as the 2023 Book Fair will kick off in its 54th session under the slogan “Egypt: Together We Read… We Think… We Create.” Many are looking for information about the Book Fair 2023, so we made sure to collect the most important information about the fair. The most important information about the Book Fair 2023 There is a lot of information about the Book Fair 2023 that many are searching for, including: 1. How to book tickets for the Cairo International Book Fair All categories. A special website has also been created to book tickets online without the need to go specifically for reservations. You can only specify the number of tickets to be purchased, then choose the payment method, as the site provides several payment methods to facilitate the visitors of the exhibition. You can book a ticket through the website as follows: Enter the book fair website.Choose to buy the ticket.Record the phone number.Click to continue.Choose the number of tickets you want to buy.Select the appropriate payment method for you.Register your details.2. The launch date of the Cairo International Book Fair, the 54th session, will be from January 25 to February 6. While the official opening will be on January 25, and the actual entry for visitors will start on January 26. It is known that the headquarters of the exhibition is the International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement. 2. The date of daily reception of visitors to the exhibition As many people wonder about the daily opening times of the exhibition, the answer to this question is that the Cairo Book Fair will open its doors to the public from 10 am to 8 pm on a daily basis. This is to allow the largest number of the audience to visit the exhibition and buy what they want. 3. Visiting the exhibition on Friday As for the work of the exhibition on Friday, it has been announced that Friday will be included in the working days of the exhibition, in order to facilitate citizens who were unable to visit the exhibition during the week due to their preoccupation with their work, so that they have an opportunity on Friday to visit the exhibition. 4. The metaverse feature in the exhibition The metaverse feature has also been activated for the first time on the platform of the Cairo International Book Fair 2023. The virtual tour feature has been made available inside the exhibition and browsing books offered by various publishing houses. You can also follow all the events presented by the exhibition, whether cultural or artistic, through Live broadcast. A platform for electronic sale has also been allocated for all the commission’s publications and publishing houses participating in the exhibition, in addition to activating the delivery service to some governorates. 5. Allowing payment in installments There is no longer an opportunity to miss visiting the book fair this year, as the service of buying books in installments has been introduced from the fair. Private publishing houses and press institutions also launched a campaign to offer to sell some books at low prices to suit all groups, with prices ranging from 2 pounds to 20 pounds. 6. People of Determination and the International Book Fair 2023 As for the position of People of Determination on entering the exhibition, the President of the Egyptian Publishers Association announced the provision of many discounts, which amounted to 30%. The exhibition also provides full support for the “Able to be Different” campaign launched by President Sisi, so that people of determination and their families will enter the exhibition for free, and many discounts will be offered. After you got to know all the information about the Book Fair 2023, book your ticket now to enjoy a special day at the International Book Fair, buy the books you want and enjoy the cultural and artistic shows and events.

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