The Mufti of Egypt reveals the secret of the large number of divorce cases in the first 5 years of marriage (video)

Dr. Shawky Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, revealed the secret of the large number of divorce cases in the first 5 years of marriage.

He said during his meeting with the journalist, Hamdi Rizk, on the “Nazra” program broadcast on the Egyptian “Sada Al-Balad” channel, that Sharia instructed the spouses not to rush to cut the marital bond at any problem or obstacle, but rather they should stick to it; This is done through early preventive measures, which are the necessity of dealing with kindness and mercy, good faith, moderation of jealousy, participation in bearing the burdens of life, and consideration of each party to the circumstances of the other.

He stressed the importance of using effective means to address the problem of divorce in a way that preserves the family and its dignity. From deciding the necessity of looking at the positives and remembering them, and not to fabricate battles to take rights and evade duties, as well as advice and guidance.

Regarding dealing with divorce cases within the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, he said that this is done according to an organized and disciplined method that goes through three stages: it begins with the fatwa secretary dealing with it, and if the solution is not possible for the fatwa trustees if there is doubt about its occurrence, then it is referred to a specialized committee consisting of three scholars; If there is a suspicion that the divorce occurred, then it is referred to him personally, and he may host the parties to the divorce incident in his office to ensure that the divorce occurred or to find a solution, and this is a matter of preserving the family, which is the nucleus of society.

He added, “We at Dar Al Iftaa realized that most divorce cases, especially in the first five years of marriage, are limited to the fact that the spouses are unaware of the marital rights they have and the duties that they have, and that they may not realize the responsibility entrusted to them.”

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