The Pakistani Taliban and the government… Mutual escalation turns the page on the cease-fire

The policy of the Pakistani Taliban and the government.. Mutual escalation turns the page of the cease-fire Updated Wednesday 1/4/2023 06:57 PM Abu Dhabi time Mutual threats between the Pakistani Taliban and the Islamabad government, increased their pace recently by escalating my words, and by steps on the ground, I translated that Stress. While Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif threatened not to allow any country to provide sanctuary to terrorists, his Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said last month that support for the Pakistani Taliban was a “red line”. These statements came in the wake of the Pakistani army’s pledge in a meeting of corps commanders to eliminate the entity that poses a threat, which indicates a possible new operation. These statements were responded to by the Pakistani Taliban in a practical way, through two tracks, the first is issuing threats to target senior government leaders, and the second is translating those statements on the ground. Two paths of escalationThe first path was evident in a statement issued by the spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, Muhammad Khorasan, who threatened on Wednesday to target Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other government leaders who he said had declared war on the movement “to please their powerful army and the United States,” according to Bloomberg news. . A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban said: “The movement is considering taking concrete measures against gangs of imposed rulers. The masses should refrain from approaching such leaders.” “Ghost of the Taliban”… Two Pakistani intelligence personnel were killed in an armed attack The second path was practically clear, on Tuesday evening, by targeting two senior officials in the Pakistani intelligence service in an armed attack in the “Khaniwal” area in the eastern Punjab province of the country. And official Afghan media said, on Tuesday evening, that “Naveed Sadiq and Naseer Bhart, two senior officials of the Pakistani intelligence service, were killed in an armed attack in Khanewal district of Punjab province.” No one has claimed responsibility for the attack on the two officers known for their arrest of a number of Pakistani Taliban and other militants, and they were also known for their experience in investigating and solving complex cases, including gun and bomb attacks. Confronting the Taliban Officials said one of the two dead officers was the director of the provincial counter-terrorism department, which played a key role in confronting the Pakistani Taliban. The Pakistani Taliban, which for years sought to overthrow the Islamabad government, drew its strength from the Taliban’s control of Afghanistan, while it intensified its attacks on security forces across Pakistan after it ended a months-long ceasefire with the country’s coalition government in November. The hardline Pakistani Taliban have stepped up attacks on security forces in recent months, after they unilaterally ended a month-long ceasefire with the Pakistani government last November. The Pakistani Taliban is separate, but allied with its Afghan counterpart, which seized power in neighboring Afghanistan in 2021 as US and NATO forces withdraw after 20 years of war. In contrast, the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan accused Islamabad of endangering bilateral relations after Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah suggested last week that Kabul had not done enough to counter the activities of the Pakistani Taliban.

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