The satin bomber jacket is “the star of winter fashion 2023”

Updated Monday 1/16/2023 12:15 PM Abu Dhabi time According to “Instyle” magazine, the satin pump jacket represents the star of women’s fashion this winter, giving women a modern and elegant look. And the magazine concerned with fashion and beauty said that the bomb jacket catches the eye this season through the shiny look of satin. It also comes in a larger than the “oversize” size, to give women a sense of comfort on the one hand, and to add more attractiveness to the appearance on the other hand. The benefits of olive oil.. a fountain of health and beauty for nails The magazine added that the satin bomb jacket shines in khaki color in particular. She pointed out that this model can be coordinated with wide-leg beige cloth pants, with a knitted pullover of a harmonious color.

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