The suffocation of Maya Diab and Sherine Arafa .. “You thought me to shorten your height?”

The art of suffocating Maya Diab and Sherine Arafa .. “My idea is to shorten your height?” Updated Wednesday 12/28/2022 04:34 PM Abu Dhabi time The Lebanese actress, Maya Diab, entered into a heated argument with the presenter, Sherine Arafa, presenter of the “Kalam Nawaem” program on mbc, due to plastic surgery. And Maya Diab appeared, in a video clip from the scenes of the program, published by Sherine Arafa, through her Instagram account, as she entered into a sharp exchange with the latter, against the background of a question about whether she had considered plastic surgery to shorten her height. Maya Diab and Asala.. “an embarrassing situation” ignited the dispute between them. The question shocked Maya Diab, to respond sarcastically: This is a question? Sarcasm and shock: “How did the program bring you back?”, to which Sherine also replied sarcastically, “By the pilot.” Sherine added, “I asked a natural question,” to which Maya replied, “I answered you naturally.” The altercation continued, as Sherine added, “This is a Kalam Nawaem program, and I am one of the Nawaem,” to which Maya Diab replied sarcastically while holding Sherine Arafa’s hair: “Not Nawaem at all,” and then left the place. Sherine attached the video to a comment: “I see that my question was deep, different and very logical with Maya Diab.” The presenter, Sherine Arafa, appeared in a later video clip, in which she revealed that the situation was artificial, and was done in agreement with Maya Diab, and it is nothing more than a joke and a mockery. Reactions varied on social media about the suffocation of Maya Diab and Sherine Arafa. Some saw the anchor’s questions as bullying and unacceptable transgression, while others supported Sherine Arafa’s position, considering that Maya Diab deals with extreme arrogance. And a third team argued that the video and the altercation were basically just a staged stage show that was agreed upon between Sherine and Maya. Maya Diab was a guest on the “Kalam Nawaem” program, and she talked about the criticism she receives after performing plastic surgery, and she said: “Most of the harsh criticism comes from women, because either the critic does not have the financial ability to plastic surgery, or she changes because of her husband’s repression of her or Her family and their refusal to do plastic surgery.” And she added that the man falls into duplicity when he criticizes plastic surgery while he looks and pays attention to the women who perform it, compared to his neglect of his natural wife.

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