The Tunisian Brotherhood resorted to the weapon of rumors.. Is it an attempt to divert attention from its failure to mobilize?

The policy of the Tunisian Brotherhood resorting to the weapon of rumors.. Is it an attempt to divert attention from its failure to mobilize? Updated Sunday 1/15/2023 11:22 AM Abu Dhabi time A new failure by the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, after the end of a protest that mobilized its media arms, in an attempt to stir up public opinion against the government. That stand, one of whose goals was an attempt to divert attention from the crises facing the Tunisian group, sought to stir up public opinion, hoping to find a “revolutionary” situation that would enable it to return to the political scene, and to escape from the judicial guillotine that awaits it, as a punishment for what its hands committed, during the “decade”. black.” However, as soon as its plan failed to mobilize Tunisians who were aware and aware of the nature of the current stage, the Brotherhood resorted to the weapon of rumors with which it was able to maneuver, hoping to divert attention from its failure to mobilize. Brotherhood Rumors The latest rumors of the Brotherhood organization were its claim that there is civil disobedience in prisons, which was denied by the spokesman for the General Authority for Prisons and Reform, Ramzi al-Kouki, in statements to local media. Ramzi Al-Kouki said that the Prisons and Reform Authority will take the necessary legal measures against the spreaders of these rumours. On the other hand, the Tunisian Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 3 people, who formed a “criminal” team, with the aim of harming private and public property and spreading terror among citizens, and possessing incendiary bottles with the intention of attacking the judicial police officers. A new fall for the Tunisian Brotherhood..failed in the mobilization and the “renaissance” without an ally. The Ministry of the Interior said, in a statement, a copy of which was seen by “Al-Ain news”, that the Public Prosecution of the Court of First Instance in Karmbalia ordered the detention of 3 people in order to “form a criminal consortium with the intent of harming private and public property.” He spread terror among the citizens, grabbed and possessed Molotov cocktails with the intention of attacking the judicial police officers.” Security successes She indicated that the units of the National Security Region in Karbala managed to seize a quantity of Molotov cocktails, which the three defendants tried to hide in one of them’s car. The Ministry of the Interior confirmed that it had information indicating that some parties sought to incite a number of adolescents, minors, and those with precedents, to riot in some popular neighborhoods, and to work diligently to arrest them and bring them to justice, according to the statement. Regarding the Brotherhood’s movements, the Tunisian activist and political analyst Hassan Al-Tamimi said, in an interview with Al-Ain news, that the Tunisian people will not return again to the circle of the Renaissance and the Brotherhood after they got rid of them since July 25, 2021. He stressed that the terrorist group seeks to win over the people to cover up their problems. The internal crimes triggered by the recent revelations of the judicial system. License requests The Tunisian Ministry of Interior had approved a number of authorization requests to organize peaceful demonstrations on Habib Bourguiba Street in the Tunisian capital, according to specific routes and times, in a manner that guarantees the exercise of freedoms and respect for the requirements of public security. It called on the Ministry of the Interior not to be led by some of the “violent incitement” speeches that have been circulated recently, calling for non-compliance with the contents of licenses and bypassing them to sit-ins in the street, and to fabricate confrontations with the security forces in charge of securing peaceful demonstrations and forcing the elderly and children into them.

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