The World Cup “rehearsal” champion will show the ability in the village of Boudhib

Jockey Cecilia Spin from Uruguay was crowned the title of the World Cup Endurance Trial Race for a distance of 160 km, international “3 stars”, which was held in the Boudheeb Global Endurance Village in Al Khatim area, while Knight Hassan Al Hammadi snatched the title of the International Race for a distance of 120 km, which was held in parallel with the trial race that culminated. with success.

The race was organized by the Boudhieb International Endurance Village, in cooperation and coordination with the Emirates Equestrian and Racing Federation.

The jockey Cecilia Spin was able to achieve the title on horseback “Lupita” for Al Ain stables with a time of 8:34:22 hours, followed by Emirati rider Saeed Salem Al Muhairi on horseback “Ahmed de Barthas” for the “M7” stables with a time of 8:39: 43 hours, and the Uruguayan rider Andres Rivero came third on the back of “SM Fabrico” for Al Ain Stables as well, recording a time of 8:42:10 hours.

The rider, Hassan Al Hammadi, succeeded in achieving the title of the international race for a distance of 120 km, “two-star category”, on the horseback of “Malikian Magir” for Al-Asifa Stables, covering the total distance with a time of 5:44:20 hours.

And came in second place, jockey Cecilia Garcia, riding “Jed Fenmus” for Victorious Stables, and came in third place, jockey Bhairu Singh, riding “Don Del Rey” for “M7” stables.

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