The X500 Plus computer case (2013)

One among our customers has requested us to will enable you to attain about his Kickstarter Project and since all of us cherished our primitive ’80s computer systems we felt it a fair cause. The next snipit is taken from the Kickstarter Project internet page. We’re certain that Loriano would treasure your toughen.

The finest of success with your challenge Loriano, from each person right here at LinITX

UPDATE: Congratulations on reaching your arrangement Loriano!

What is it?

The X500 Plusis a computer case I designed as a tribute to the computer systems of the ’80s and ’90s and it’s overall impressed by the Commodore Amiga 500. It’s a wedge styled computer case with constructed in, stout size keyboard.

The X500 Plus has a retro feeling however with in vogue, successfully-organized lines and a complete bunch interior home. It’s made of aluminium, plastic and steel and it’s designed for as much as date computer hardware.

The X500 Plus lets you manufacture your possess in vogue, powerful computer, with your collection of gear and Working System adore Home windows, Linux, AmigaOS, AROS, MOS etc…it’s best to put it to use to your mini-itx x86 motherboards, PowerPC boards such because the SAM motherboards by ACube, the Natami and the upcoming FPGAArcade Replay board, usually any board which is mini-itx or flex-atx layout with low profile heat sinks (overall interior top is 52mm).

The combo of a PowerPC board (ACube’s SAM) and AmigaOS4.1 (the most most recent version of the Amiga Working System by Hyperion Leisure), the free AROS (Analysis Working System) running on a supported x86 board or MorphOS running on supported hardware contained in the X500 Plus are ideal for the stout, long-established journey of Amiga internal a retro taking a learn case.

Amiga linked devices can be found in from plenty of websites equivalent to:

The case has been designed primarily for low vitality consumption boards and Solid Divulge Drives, this formula one can fabricate a extraordinarily quiet however in vogue arrangement with primary lines.

I bag designed every thing (successfully practically every thing) to be replaceable; LEDs, ON/OFF change, fans so if things need replacing you might per chance.

What is included:

  • The fully assembled case (3 plastic parts, minimize and machined – one aluminium section, minimize and machined)
  • The total screws, washers and nuts.
  • One custom made DVD-RW and 3.5″ card reader bracket
  • One slim, low profile USB keyboard
  • One slim SATA DVD-RW with one slim SATA cable
  • One 3.5″ USB card reader (restricted availability of white card readers – white version).
  • One On/Off vitality change
  • Braided and tailed (2 pins) LEDs, color of your decision (amber, red, white, blue or green
  • One 40mm quiet fan (2x40mm quiet fans for the POWER USER model)
  • One 50mm quiet fan (2x50mm quiet fans for the POWER USER model)
  • Silicone mounts
  • Keyboard holders
  • Spacers
  • Rubber ft

What will not be any longer included:

Vitality provide – the case has been designed for a picoPSUthey draw in 80-90-120-150-160W,  loads to vitality up the machine in the video (intel i3 twin core 2.5GHz, Ati Radeon 6570 2GB, two 2.5″ HD drives…), they’ve 20 or 24 pins and some could additionally be a shrimp increased than others so please test earlier than looking out for.

picoPSUs can be found in from


Your possess substances:a mini-itx or flex-atx motherboard, graphics card (if wished), versatile riser card (free with the POWER USER model), Challenging Disk Pressure or Solid Divulge Pressure (I strongly instruct the utilization of SSDs as they are mercurial, quiet and bag no transferring parts), your collection of Working System.

Ancient past

The challenge became born out of a dialogue with visitors and on boards equivalent to amigaworld.earn,,natami.earn, extra than seven years ago.

Initially I role the duty of designing this case as a non-public discipline, to ask what I could well develop with my restricted resources. So in 2005 I started sketching a few tips out and constructing the first prototype. At any time after I saved some money or equipped things on ebay I’d work on it.

I made plenty of prototypes however I saved adding and perfecting it. Folks requested for aspects and I’d work on them. Being a one-man challengeI designed it, raised the money and labored on it in my spare time in a icy garage (add sad song right here).

Why Kickstarter?

In Could possibly 2012 I carried out prototype quantity seven (the white one), fully working as you might per chance ask in the video. In October 2012 prototype quantity eight, the Shadowy Edition became done. Again, it’s fully working and roughly ready to switch. Seven years of on and off pattern bag dried all my funds up so optimistically Kickstarter and likewise you guys can help me elevate the desired money so that you just have to add the final adjustments (minor changes) and originate looking out for the required materials:

Stuff wished:

  • Hundreds plastic, aluminium and steel
  • Paying for CNC machining prices
  • A total lot of screws, nuts and washers
  • LEDs
  • Switches
  • Keyboards
  • Slim DVD-RWs
  • 3.5″ USB Card Readers
  • Hundreds glue
  • Rubber ft
  • Cable tiers
  • USB headers
  • Soundless fans
  • sata cables
  • Magnets
  • Paying for powder coating prices
  • Any spare money will be ancient to tempo up the manufacturing route of and investigating contemporary materials, possibly contemporary colours and enhancements for future variations. So please pledge away! 🙂

Limitations: being easiest 58mm high you’ll want to make use of processors heatsinks that match, low profile ones adore realized on the Intel i3 2100T processor shall we embrace. Dimension and thickness (no twin slot) restrict of the enlargement card applies, the ATI HD 6570 2GB  in the videos is 170mm long shall we embrace and it suits successfully.

When assembling your computer take into consideration that it’s, in any case, a small enclosurecapture Solid Divulge Drives over Challenging Drives shall we embrace (no noise, no heat, less vitality required). That you just might per chance must be successfully versed in non-public computer constructing, the use of your skills to develop it nice and neat internal, routing cables the fair formula and enable fair airflow.

– Looks and specifications of the closing product could vary a shrimp from the shown prototypes –

LEDs combos and replacement:

The X500 Plus Shadowy Edition

X500 Plus specifications

The older prototype – quantity seven:

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