They escaped from a “mortal danger”… Russia recovers 60 of its prisoners in Ukraine

A new exchange process under which Russia will recover 60 of its captured soldiers in Ukraine, thus saving them from “mortal danger”, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Today, Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that, as a result of a negotiation process, 60 captured Russian soldiers who were in “mortal danger” in the territory controlled by the authorities in Kiev were recovered.

And it said in a statement: “On the current December 6 (today), as a result of a negotiation process, 60 Russian soldiers were recovered from the territory controlled by the Kyiv regime, who were in mortal danger of captivity.”

The statement added that the liberated soldiers will be transported by military transport planes of the Russian Air Force to Moscow for treatment and rehabilitation in the medical institutions of the Russian defense.

He pointed out that all the liberated persons are now receiving all necessary medical and psychological care.

On December 1, Kyiv announced the release of more than 1,300 prisoners in prisoner exchanges with Russia since the war broke out months ago.

At that time, the announcement came from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who pledged to “return all his soldiers” who were captured during the war by Russian forces.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense previously stated last June that the number of Ukrainian soldiers who were captured or surrendered exceeded 6,000, before announcing later exchanges between the two sides.

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