“This is my ex-wife” .. a gag that Trump was involved in a “rape” case (photos)

“This is my ex-wife” policy.. a gag Trump’s involvement in a “rape” case (photos) Updated Friday 1/20/2023 09:51 AM Abu Dhabi time Former US President Donald Trump put himself in trouble, with a “gag” when he described a picture of a woman She accuses him of raping her as his “ex-wife”. The “error” was revealed by published judicial documents, which showed that Trump could not distinguish between Jane Carroll, whom he described earlier as not his “type”, and his ex-wife, Marla Maples, during his testimony related to Carroll’s lawsuit against him for “sexual assault”. “A woman whom Trump does not favor” pursues him on the pretext of “rape” .. What is the judicial response? “Carroll v. Trump” .. a rape battle on the “doorstep” of the White HouseWhen Trump was shown a picture of him with Carroll and others at a reception in the nineties, the former president said: “This is Marla, this is my wife,” before his lawyer alerted him that she was Jane Carroll and not his ex-wife Marla Maples, with whom he was associated from 1993 to 1999, before he began dating his current wife, Melania Trump, in 1998. The idea was that she was “not his type and cannot To get his attention” is one of his main defenses against Carroll’s allegations that he raped her in a changing room in a New York store in the mid-1990s, but Trump’s mistake during his testimony in the case is likely to undermine this defense. On October 19, Trump had previously given the same testimony in which he confirmed that Carroll could not be raped because he “simply is not attracted to women of Carroll’s type,” explaining: “I will say it with great respect. First, it is not my type. Secondly, this did not happen.” Never”. He reiterated his statement, saying, “Physically she’s not my type, and now that I’ve heard things about her indirectly, she won’t be my type in any way.” Case details Carroll, a 79-year-old journalist and writer, is suing Trump for “sexually assaulting and defaming her,” after he said in 2019 in one of his interviews that she was “absolutely lying” to promote her book, which included the alleged incident. In the nineties, Carroll did not report that she was assaulted at the time, but in 2019 she published the incident in a book, which prompted a response from Trump, during which he denied what was contained in this book. Carroll expanded her lawsuit against Trump in November after a law was passed in New York to protect victims of sexual assault, and seeks monetary damages for “mental damage, pain and suffering, loss of dignity and damage to her reputation.”

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