Tourism in Baalbek.. the 5 best sites in the city of the sun

Baalbek is one of the best tourist destinations in Lebanon, as it possesses groups of Roman ruins and attractive scenery. Here are the places of tourism in Baalbek.

Baalbek is called the City of the Sun, as it is one of the sources of tourist attractions in Lebanon, as it is characterized by a wonderful geographical location in the middle of the Bekaa Valley, which is characterized by wide green spaces, which made the city of special beauty.

Baalbek contains The best sights And recreational and historical together, and among the most important and famous archaeological sites in it are the temples and structures dating back to the Roman era, in addition to religious shrines and Islamic monuments, and from here we take you on a quick trip with the most beautiful places of tourism in Baalbek and the best hotels in it.

Tourist places in Baalbek most visited

1. The Litani River

    The Litani River is one of the places of tourism in Baalbek

The Litani River, one of the longest rivers in Lebanon, originates from the western side of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley and empties into the Mediterranean Sea north of the city.

The length of the river is about 170 km, and its water capacity is approximately 750 million cubic meters per year. Several studies and projects for producing hydroelectric power and securing drinking and irrigation water were based on it, with the aim of developing the agricultural economy and limiting migration.

The area of ​​the basin is about 2175 square kilometers, or about 20% of the area of ​​Lebanon, where 20% is located in southern Lebanon and 80% in the Bekaa Valley.

2- Baalbek Castle

Baalbek Castle is one of the places of tourism in Baalbek

If you are looking for The most beautiful tourist places In Baalbek, the Baalbek Castle is one of the best places for tourism in the city, which is characterized by the masterpieces of the ancient world and is one of the best tourist attractions in Lebanon as a whole.

The castle includes many Roman temples dating back thousands of years, and among the most beautiful temples, the most important of which are the Temples of Venus, Jupiter, Bagius, and Mercury. There is also the Baalbek Structures Museum, the Ibrahim Mosque, and many other important monuments.

3. The Bekaa Valley

The Bekaa Valley is one of the places of tourism in Baalbek

The Bekaa Valley is one of the most important natural places in Baalbek, as the site includes stunning landscapes bordered by the eastern and western mountain ranges of Lebanon, which made it one of the best natural places in Lebanon.

The place includes fruit orchards and a large agricultural area full of vegetables because its soil is fertile and has a great abundance of water, as it is interspersed with the Litani and Orontes rivers, which made the Bekaa Valley a center for many civilizations.

4. Yammuna Lake

Yammouneh Lake is one of the places of tourism in Baalbek

Al-Yamuna Lake is an artificial lake consisting of a water body reserved by a dam that stores 1.5 million cubic meters of water coming from the Ghazara spring.

The area of ​​the lake is 32 hectares. The water from the lake is used to irrigate a large number of green areas in the Bekaa Valley. It is planned that it will be used for drinking water for some areas in Baalbek. It is a very beautiful lake with stunning landscapes.

5. Dors Dome

Dorus Dome is one of the places of tourism in Baalbek

This mausoleum is located at the entrance to the city from the southern side, dating back to the Ayyubid era, and it was characterized by the presence of a dome above eight columns built of red granite. Next to the mausoleum, there is an area full of buildings and many other historical sites that you can visit.

The best hotel in Baalbek

The best hotel in Baalbek

There are many hotels in Baalbek and compete to provide the highest levels of hotel service to the visitor, and among the best hotels in Baalbek are the following:

  • Palmyra Hotel Baalbeck.
  • Rawda Station Hotel.
  • Grand Khayal Hotel.
  • Canaan Group Hotel.

All hotels are located near the Ras al-Ain area in Baalbek and overlook the Ras al-Ain spring and the green hills of Baalbek, which made the most distinctive hotels because they are close to the city’s tourist attractions.

All hotels provide spacious air-conditioned rooms with all the services a visitor may need during their stay and many hotel benefits, a fitness center, parking and free Wi-Fi. The cost of accommodation in Baalbek hotels ranges from about $39 to $150 for two people per night.

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