Tunisian Rami Kaib to “Al Ain Sports”: I expect an Arab surprise, and Brazil is the closest to the World Cup title


Tunisian Rami Kaib to “Al Ain Sports”: I expect an Arab surprise, and Brazil is the closest to the World Cup title

Rami Kaib, the Dutch player, Heerenveen, expressed great confidence in the Tunisian national team’s ability to qualify for the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar.

The player, who was born in Sweden in 1997, previously represented the Swedish national teams for the different Sunni groups, before he recently changed his football nationality to Tunisian, which allowed him to wear the “Carthage Eagles” shirt.

Rami Kaib participated in two matches with the Tunisian national team, specifically against Chile and Japan in the Kirin tournament, which was held last June, and he was with him during the recent international break.

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The left-back was excluded from the accounts of the Tunisian national team, as he was not included in the list of 26 players who will participate in the 2022 World Cup.

In an interview with “Al Ain Sports”, Rami Kaib expressed great sadness after his exclusion from the final list of “Carthage Eagles”, and also expressed his confidence in the ability of Tunisia national team to qualify for the next stage.

The star of Heerenveen also praised the Arab representatives in the World Cup, and revealed his most prominent candidate for the title in the end.

Big disappointment

Rami Kaib admitted that he was severely shocked after being excluded from the Tunisian national team’s list to participate in the 2022 World Cup.

In this regard, he said, “I am very disappointed, especially since I was present in the last camp of the Tunisian national team, and we played two friendly matches against the Comoros and Brazil.”

He continued, “It is true that I did not play regularly with Heerenveen in recent weeks, but I was technically, technically and mentally ready to participate in the World Cup.”

He concluded, “It is not easy for me, but I am required to turn the page once and for all and focus on future competitions.”

    Ramy Kaib

Ample chances for the Tunisian national team

Regarding the chances of the “Carthage Eagles” in the World Cup, Rami Kaib said: “I always said that the key to qualification comes by achieving a positive result during the first match, which is what happened in the end.”

He explained, “After the draw against Denmark (without goals), our chances are very good to reach the round of 16.”

He concluded, “I think that the second round match against Australia will not be difficult, unlike the match against France, which will be very strong in all respects.”

Tunisia national team

Arab teams in the World Cup

Rami Kaib expressed his confidence in the ability of the Tunisian, Saudi and Moroccan national teams to go as far as possible during the “Qatar 2022” World Cup.

4 Arab teams are participating in the global competition, namely Tunisia and Morocco for the African continent, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the Asian continent, but Al-Annabi was officially bid farewell from the first round.

The left back of Sweden’s youth teams said in this regard: “The teams of Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Morocco shone in the first round and became very likely to qualify, especially as they succeeded in breaking the psychological barrier that often constituted an obstacle in their previous participations in the World Cup.”

Morocco national team

Candidate for the World Cup title

At the end of his interview with Al Ain Sports, Rami Kaib nominated Brazil to win the World Cup this year.

Heerenveen player said in this regard: “The Samba team has shown terrible potential in the recent period. It has distinguished players in all positions.”

He continued, “Personally, I nominate him to win the World Cup title, and he is certainly the strongest team during that edition.”

Tunisia vs Brazil

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