Two Israeli soldiers charged with “act of vandalism”

Politics Two Israeli soldiers face an indictment of “an act of sabotage” Updated Friday 12/30/2022 12:39 AM Abu Dhabi time The Israeli Military Prosecution filed serious indictments against two soldiers on charges of throwing an explosive device at a Palestinian house in the southern West Bank. The Israeli army said in a statement received by “Al-Ain news”: “The two soldiers were charged with violations of weapons manufacturing, committing an act of sabotage in bad faith, causing deliberate damage and giving false testimony during the investigation.” He pointed out that “the two soldiers accused of committing violations were arrested by the military police.” He said, “Once the indictment was submitted, the Military Prosecution asked the Military Court to order the arrest of the two soldiers until the completion of the legal procedures regarding them.” In this context, he pointed out, “At this stage, and with the approval of the defense, the detention of the accused has been extended until the nineteenth of next month, when a hearing is expected to be held regarding the prosecution’s request.” The Israeli army said: “According to the indictments submitted, the two defendants, along with a third soldier, installed an improvised explosive device, and then threw it at a house in Al-Furaidis” district of Bethlehem. It was revealed that the house was inhabited by a number of people when the explosive device was thrown at it. He said that the explosive device was thrown at the house “with the intention of causing a fire in the house, in retaliation for the kidnapping of the body of the Israeli youth, Tiran Faro, in Jenin.” He is from the Druze community in Israel, and his body was handed over following Palestinian-Israeli contacts. The Israeli army added: “In addition, the defendants had thrown stones at the same house several days earlier, the day after the body was kidnapped.” He announced that “a third indictment will be submitted regarding the third soldier in the next few days.” The Israeli army had said earlier that the soldiers were from the Druze community.

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