Two options are available to him.. Will Adam Wanas continue to surprise Riyad Mahrez?


Two options are available to him.. Will Adam Wanas continue to surprise Riyad Mahrez?

The Algerian, Adam Ounas, the French wing of Lille, will have a date with two important options to determine his future, during the upcoming winter transfer period.

And Nas, who joined Lille club last summer, and signed a contract with him until 2024, has become an urgent demand for the Turkish club Besiktas, with the approaching opening of the winter transfer market in Europe early next year.

And the Turkish newspaper “Foot Mac” revealed that Senol Güneş, the new coach of Besiktas, is very impressed with the qualifications of Adam Wanas, and sees in him the most suitable player to replace the Algerian, Rachid Ghazal.

Rashid Ghazal will not return to the stadiums, except after a period that will not be short, and he recently underwent surgery in the United States of America, after suffering a complex injury.

The Turkish newspaper “Foot Mac” revealed that the Besiktas administration was feeling the pulse, to find out the extent of Wanas’ desire to move to Turkey, especially since he seemed comfortable in France.

Wanas will be required to determine his future, either by continuing in the French north, where he found his comfort and regained his luster, or he will change his position and embark on an adventure in Turkey, from which he will benefit financially, given that Besiktas is ready to give him a respectable annual salary.

It is noteworthy that the captain of the Algerian national team, Riyad Mahrez, criticized months ago the decisions taken by his compatriot Adam Wanas to conduct his professional career, describing them as strange.

It is noteworthy that Adam Wanas played 10 matches since the beginning of the season with Lille, during which he managed to score a goal and assist another.

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