Ukraine.. Russia is ascending with the weapon of darkness, and Kiev is drowning in the priorities and aid of the West


Ukraine.. Russia is ascending with the weapon of darkness, and Kiev is drowning in the priorities and aid of the West

Although nearly 10 months have passed since the Ukrainian crisis, it has not yet ended, amid Russian escalation and Ukrainian rejection of any peace efforts in return for land.

And between the “faltering” of peace between the two countries, each began to sharpen its weapons to exhaust the other side, hoping to reap gains in the “battle”, in which infrastructure became one of its goals, while the marches were its most important weapon and its winning horse.

What are the most important field developments?

Ukraine’s local officials said on Saturday that all non-vital infrastructure in the southern Ukrainian port city of Odessa had lost power, after “Russia used drones to hit energy facilities”.

Odessa Mayor Gennady Trukhanov wrote on Facebook, “Due to the scale of the damage, electricity has been cut off to all users in Odessa except for critical infrastructure.”

A statement published by the city administration on the “Telegram” application said that the Russian strikes hit transport lines and main equipment in the Odessa region in the early hours of Saturday, while the governor of the Odessa region, Maxim Marchenko, said that Russia used “kamikaze” drones, which It flies toward its target instead of firing the munitions, noting that two of them were shot down over the Black Sea.

“As a result of the Russian strikes, there is no electricity in almost all regions and communities of our region,” Marchenko wrote on Telegram.

complete darkness

Since last October, Moscow has been targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure with missile and drone strikes, while Kiev acknowledged on Friday that every thermal and electric power plant in the country had been damaged.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that more than 1.5 million people were left without electricity in the southern city of Odessa on Saturday, following a nightly Russian attack by “suicide drones”.

“After the night strike with drones, Odessa and other cities and villages in the region were plunged into darkness,” Zelensky said, adding: “Currently, more than a million and a half people in the Odessa region are without electricity.”

“The city is without electricity at the present time,” Ukrainian presidential advisor Kyrilo Tymoshenko said on his account on “Telegram,” but he stated that basic infrastructure, especially hospitals and maternity wards, are being fed with electricity.

Kiev indicated on Friday that the war-torn southern regions of the country, including Odessa, were suffering the worst power outages, days after the recent round of Russian attacks on the Ukrainian power grid.

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed Thursday to continue hitting Ukraine’s power grid despite fierce Western criticism of the attacks, which plunged millions into cold and darkness.

A local Ukrainian official said that heavy Russian artillery fire hit communities in the Nikopol region of southern Ukraine on Friday night and into Saturday, adding that four people were wounded in the town of Nikopol.

4 Ukrainian priorities

Ukrainian Prime Minister Deniz Shmyhal said that as Ukraine grapples with an energy crisis, the country will have to prioritize electricity supplies.

“The first priority is vital infrastructure, especially water and heating facilities and hospitals. The second priority is the military-industrial complex – facilities that work for the defense of the state. The principle of everything for the front has not changed at all,” Shmyhal told a government meeting.

He noted that the third priority is companies that produce essential products – for example, bakeries and dairies. While the residential sector was fourth.

European aid

The Council of the European Union approved an 18 billion euro (about $19 billion) legislative package on Saturday designed to help Ukraine financially next year.

The council announced on Saturday that the proposal aims to “provide short-term financial relief, finance Ukraine’s immediate needs, rehabilitate critical infrastructure and initial support for sustainable post-war reconstruction, with the aim of supporting Ukraine on its path towards European integration.”

The Council will support Ukraine financially “for as long as it takes,” said Zbenik Stangora, the Czech Republic’s finance minister. “The legislation we have adopted means that Ukraine can count on regular financial assistance from the European Union throughout 2023.”

What did Russia say?

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the Ukrainian forces had suffered “significant losses” in lives during the past day, noting that the Ukrainian forces had retreated, while the Russian forces had taken control of important lines.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense published, in a statement issued by it, the results of what it said were the results of a new day of its military operation in Ukraine, as follows:

  • Thwarting two attacks that Ukrainian forces attempted to implement, killing about 60 soldiers.
  • The offensive operations of the Russian forces resulted in the death of more than 30 Ukrainian soldiers in the Kobyansk direction.
  • Targeting two groups of Ukrainian forces that were trying to carry out reconnaissance operations in the Vladimirovka region, and destroying two armored personnel carriers and four pickup trucks.
  • 4 drones were destroyed, 10 HIMARS and Uragan missiles were intercepted, and an American AN/TPQ-36 radar station was destroyed.

Al-Ain news was unable to independently verify the Russian and Ukrainian allegations regarding the toll of losses and attacks announced by each of them.

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