Wafaa Salem opens the silent file .. “Al-Ain News” investigates “harassment of adults”

Wafaa Salem society opens the silent file.. “Al-Ain news” investigates “harassment of adults” Updated Monday 1/16/2023 10:34 AM Abu Dhabi time At the end of last year, the Syrian artist, Wafaa Salem, surprised everyone by announcing her retirement from acting without giving reasons . In the wake of announcing her decision, the Syrian artist released a video clip on YouTube, during which she revealed a number of difficult situations that she faced during her childhood years, on top of which was exposure to sexual harassment. Wafaa Salem raises the controversy again: “They harass a woman who is 75 years old.” These statements sparked widespread reactions during the past days, while “Wafaa” received messages of support from many, according to her indication during a new video clip, before she shocked her fans with an unfamiliar incident, represented in A 75-year-old woman was sexually harassed: “She told me I was ashamed to go get vegetables and they would harass me. I don’t know how they could get a heart to do that.” Wafaa shed light on this incident, and opened the door to discussion on the issue of harassment of the elderly, the factors that contribute to the spread of such behavior, and the ways through which those who commit this behavior can be rehabilitated. Why do some people harass the elderly? Dr. Gamal Farwez, an Egyptian consultant psychiatrist, said that some people are only attracted to the elderly, as are those who love children and corpses: “It is a disorder of sexual identity that is completed before the age of 14 and continues with the person.” He added to Al-Ain news: “According to the American Psychiatric Association, 9.9% of these people cannot be treated. They find it difficult to confront a doctor or psychiatrist, and to admit to them that they tend to be young or old.” Some people’s attraction to the elderly has a number of factors revealed by “Fruiz”: “Most of them have suffered in the past from emotional deprivation, either because of the loss of the father or the absence of the mother for any reason after attachment to her. These people need tenderness, and therefore they relate to older women in search of affection.” “. While Dr. Ahmed Al-Basousi, a consultant psychotherapist, explained that this behavior is “a kind of psychological anomaly in some individuals, which is translated into the form of behavior or sexual perversion.” Al-Basusi stated, in his statement to Al-Ain news, that those who commit this behavior see “the woman as a sexual object, and they do not consider women as a feminine mass that can be harassed.” He continued: “These people have a psychological disorder that takes the form of a sexual disorder, and they lose control of their behavior and emotions, and they are impulsive towards the thing they want without control.” Regarding modifying their behavior, Al-Basusi noted that they must go through a period of rehabilitation and psychological treatment, provided there is a desire within them for change. In the context, Dr. Saeed Sadek, a professor of sociology at the American University in Cairo, indicated that the person who harasses the elderly wants to be the “idol of women”: “He seeks to feel that the other side is still asking him.” He added to “Al-Ain news”: “Sometimes these people think that older women can be blackmailed if they enter into a relationship with them for the purpose of stealing their money. These people do not have any love towards the other party.” The professor of sociology explained that some of these people resort to this behavior, out of their desire to forget a failed emotional relationship, in order to try to compensate for what they were exposed to, while others are affected by the loss of their mothers.

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