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What are one of one of the best podcasts for builders?

If there would possibly be ever a time to query this sort of query, it’s miles also this thread.

Can I derive some brutally right feedback on a podcast I ran for 2 years (100+ episodes straight away per week) at //https://runninginproduction.com/? It be a podcast bearing in mind talking to builders around how they derive and deploy their web apps. It largely focuses on the “why”, tech stack picks, libraries, workflows, lessons realized, production battle stories, etc..

In my thoughts I believed it used to be an even belief but it surely received so tiny listeners that I needed to abort recording unique episodes because of burn out since there used to be no route forward to ever preserve it by outsourcing the burn out inducing parts. I gentle focal level on it be an even belief but I ponder where I went erroneous.

I attempted all the pieces I would possibly presumably also focal level on. Customer vary from solo devs to larger firms love Mux and Dropbox, audio editing to keep obvious one of the best quality I would possibly presumably also derive for a much-off guest<->host podcast with unique guests having various mic qualities, eradicating lots of “ums” and varied fluff but no longer over editing things to keep it unnatural, tags to quick derive tech stacks you care about and a ton of clickable timestamps with a abstract of each and each divulge that is skimmable in seconds along with a total bunch reference hyperlinks.

On paper it feels love I did all the pieces I would possibly presumably also to keep things “pretty”, but in apply after 100 episodes I had love 200-300 listens per episode which made it no longer viable to continue doing since each and each episode used to be about 6 hours of stay to total time to keep collectively (finding a guest, editing it, divulge notes, etc.).

I realized a ton from talking to every guest and remorse nothing but I overall survey the podcast as a total failure since if it did no longer manufacture any traction on it, it desires to be trash. I would possibly presumably purchase to revive the divulge ensuing from talking to someone unique about what they revel in working on used to be genuinely fun.

I loved listening to and being a guest on Running in Production, and I’m sorry to hear you survey the podcast as a failure.

One dissimilarity I undercover agent between Running in Production and a few varied podcasts which is also popping up in this thread (e.g., CoRecursive, Darknet Diaries, Lex Fridman) is that these podcasts level of curiosity on of us and stories, whereas Running in Production focused extra on technology.

After writing my weblog for several years, I observed a sample in that nearly all of my licensed posts accept as true with been stories from my life in desire to technical posts just a few explicit technology. The stories accept as true with been highly linked to technology, but and in dispute that they made sense to of us who knew nothing about the technology.

Even for fans of the podcast, I focal level on the narrowness in issues implies that no longer all fans of Running in Production are a match for many episodes. Evaluating it to the Indie Hackers podcast, I would possibly presumably snoop on any episode of IH if the guest sounds spicy ensuing from there are lots of doable things they’ll suppose that is also priceless to me. Because Running in Production is extra narrowly about tech stacks, the proportion of episodes which is also linked to me is intention smaller. I would possibly presumably be serious about listening to about someone discuss their Flask stack ensuing from that is what I exercise in my enterprise, but when the guest is talking about Elixir or Ruby, I’m no longer going to learn anything priceless since I luxuriate in no longer exercise or plan to make exercise of these applied sciences.

Thanks Michael and congrats on the overall success with TinyPilot. It be good to hear this from the standpoint of someone who used to be on the divulge.

I attempted to keep the myth about going from construction to production but it surely is for obvious big bearing in mind the technology picks that preserve you from A to B. There is the teachings realized which form of educate to any tech stack but that is additionally shut to the stay of every episode so that you just want to always snoop on the overall thing to derive there.

There is a resolution of tiny comical stories hidden away in some episodes. Fancy one guy used to be on vacation using along with his wife and ended up switching his web server from Apache to nginx while actually using as a passenger.

Deployment is a cosmopolitan topic to “promote” ensuing from individually deploying a Flask app is quite no varied than Rails. Within the event that they both accept as true with a web based + employee + db + cache divulge, it be most incessantly the identical items (in particular if you’re the exercise of Docker). The online web topic hosting provider resolution, monitoring, logging, CI / CD workflows, etc. is your entire identical. After I went into making this divulge I came at it from the standpoint that even supposing you did no longer exercise Ruby it’s essential to presumably also gentle preserve away just a few nuggets of information from a Rails episode since there would possibly be lots of overlap but I’m starting up to comprehend that isn’t any longer how this works in exact life.

What I’m thinking now’s perchance precisely what you acknowledged around being serious about Flask. You care about deploying a Flask app, no longer deploying in celebrated.

You are pretty though, I don’t accept as true with any effort sitting down and listening to a 5 hour conversation with John Carmack and Lex ensuing from I’m serious about listening to John’s stories. I’m no longer there to learn the gory particulars about z-fail stencil shadows. I care about why he ended up inventing that and the intention it helped him derive a fab taking a gaze game. When taking a stare upon things from that attitude, that changes all the pieces. Running in Production is love “90% technical particulars / 10% myth” but “80% stories / 20% technical particulars” is a extra pleasant pay attention for a podcast. If this accept as true with been a technical video course that will presumably be worthy varied, but it surely’s no longer. It be a podcast.

Now to be pretty, I did try one of the best I would possibly presumably also to preserve up far from going too deep into the technical particulars just a few particular topic ensuing from I know most folk will plunge asleep or lose hobby ensuing from it be no longer relatable but gentle, bouncing around a bunch of technical issues at a surface degree is gentle very tech heavy.

I listened to reasonably just a few of your episodes.

One piece of feedback though, I always felt the episode titles would possibly presumably per chance accept as true with been better.

Extra love //https://www.indiehackers.com/

The keep the title used to be some love “X individual company generates Y earnings with Z tech”.

Basically the most crucial dissimilarity being, it gave me a motive to pay attention (sparked my interests ensuing from 1-individual is generating $100,000s with a straightforward PHP assemble app”. As against “Meteor Cloud Is a Paunchy Carrier Data superhighway web topic hosting Solution for Meteor Apps” which correct sounds love an advert for their app.

One more subtle advice, the date of the episode wasn’t visible from the most crucial feed – making it sophisticated to survey if any unique episodes accept as true with dropped.

Sorry to hear you judicious it a failure. I genuinely loved it.

Thanks plenty. I’m seeing a pattern in reasonably just a few comments which is also leading me to survey that the titles is also worthy popular upon.

That one does read plenty love an advert. For lots of titles I attempted to manual with the service name plus what they luxuriate in in 70 characters or much less. I attempted to level of curiosity extra on what the service does ensuing from I figured most folk wouldn’t know what these companies and products are, but when you know what it does it would possibly presumably will let you command to something for your possess thoughts in line with a rough belief of “this is also about an invoicing service or an electronic mail campaign service, etc.”.

But, if I luxuriate in step aid and reflect on my possess browsing habits for no longer correct podcasts but additionally YouTube. It comes down to the title. Consistently.

It be a provocative effort in this context. The strategies listed below are to mainly keep the titles optimized for folks (which I accept as true with too), but I’m no longer obvious if that will presumably per chance aid with gaining traction ensuing from the topic is already when it comes to invisible on Google and podcast sites. With that acknowledged though, after 2 years and a 100 titles of their unique voice, my celebrated plan is clearly no longer working so I accept as true with nothing to lose to swap up that approach. Even supposing I’m no longer obvious if I must gentle stagger aid and alternate the overall existing titles (they are additionally tied into the URL on a static topic, etc.).

So I genuinely listened to just a few episodes. It used to be surprisingly pretty, but if truth be told arena of interest.

The immediate things that I observed accept as true with been the audio quality, your talking shuffle (on the overall a tiny too quick, in particular when excited), and announcing “love” too worthy.

On the plus facet, very in depth conversations, big guest, and likewise it’s essential to presumably also just accept as true with got an even interviewing relate and fashion IMO.

If you wanted to revive this (which I focal level on is also charge doing), I would possibly presumably work for your speech and audio first. After that it’s essential to presumably per chance obviously should always resolve out the product parts of this. Advertising and presentation for one. Maybe level of curiosity on larger applied sciences (languages, fields, etc) for your titles and mainline questions that will presumably per chance just usher in the views and likewise it’s essential to presumably also derive into the particulars and tech stacks in the summaries and prolonged assemble discussions. It is advisable for each and each episode to be linked for many listeners in some valuable methodology, in any other case it be rather sophisticated to take viewers. I would possibly presumably suppose most devs are no longer conversant in potentially the majority of episodes. Additionally striking video recordings on YouTube is a should always. Some of us want video and it be additionally a big advertising channel so that you just are limiting your self without that.

I luxuriate in focal level on there would possibly be something there, but I luxuriate in no longer focal level on it’s essential to presumably per chance locate to it on accident given how arena of interest it’s already – it would possibly require a tiny analysis and trial and blunder.

I agree, you talk too quick, and exercise “love” and “most incessantly” methodology too worthy. Keep in mind about if it’s essential to presumably per chance derive a approach to strengthen your diction.

One more thing, in most episodes, it looks equivalent to it’s essential to presumably also just accept as true with a list of questions that you just if truth be told should always query, and likewise you quick wrestle through them, as if you correct wished to examine them off the list.
And I derive it, any utility running in production contains extra than one items and entails many choices, but correct itemizing the overall parts separately, turns into studying the specs on the aid of a cereal field.
Maybe it’s essential to presumably also have interaction one or two explicit parts of the infrastructure and discuss these in larger depth. Ideally something that both you or your interviewee genuinely feel very strongly about. I would possibly presumably additionally be spicy if you challenged one of the selections that went into the infrastructure. All too on the overall you identify too without effort along with your interviewee.

Overall on the other hand, none of these desires to be dealbreakers. I gentle listened to many episodes.

Thanks. The usage of filler phrases is a form of things where it be easy to undercover agent when editing or listening to it later but shut to very no longer going to undercover agent in the center of a celebrated conversation. I luxuriate in try.

You are pretty. I luxuriate in advance into each and each episode with a resolution of excessive degree bullets. I always try and raise heading in the correct direction so each and each episode flows roughly the identical. In most cases (:D) studying rather about the service, team size, the intention it be constructed, the intention it be deployed and lessons realized. If a majority of these derive skipped, it feels love an unfinished myth that goes against the premise of the divulge? It be spicy to hear you focal level on in any other case and would rather stagger deeper on a smaller subset of issues. I believed perchance that will presumably keep it even extra niched down.

I’m pleased you introduced up the segment about tech picks. I luxuriate in try and pry out the “why” on a resolution of choices. There is a supreme line here. I form of surprise which episodes you watched ensuing from I believed I challenged them form of plenty but I if truth be told preserve myself in examine to preserve up far from coming off too combative even supposing they are requested in a friendly methodology. But I did try and always call out questions that I genuinely genuinely feel most listeners would possibly presumably be thinking.

Maybe it be a advertising effort? I had a tab of your podcast originate, but in no intention listened to it.

The writing desires work. There would possibly be too worthy. It’s most sensible to lower down and examine out to distill the pretty stuff essence for each and each episode to keep users should always click on.

To illustrate,

“QAWolf Helps You Create Automated Browser Tests as You Consume Your Dwelling”

-> Automated Trying out for your web topic

The verbiage adds up.

Thanks. That’s sound advice.

You bring up an even level. I did try and keep the titles form of quick (none of them are > 70 characters) while always attempting to encompass the service name and the core belief of what the service does.

But lots of these titles accept as true with been perchance optimizing for the erroneous thing. To illustrate “Podia Has The entire lot You Enjoy to Sell On-line Programs”[0]. It be nearly love I went out of my methodology to keep it sound love a gross sales pitch but my aim used to be to encompass their product’s name and the core belief of what it does. It does genuinely feel love it be attempting to optimize for web content positioning equivalent to “promote online programs” but the content of the divulge has nothing to luxuriate in with promoting online programs, it be about talking to one of many lead devs on how they constructed the platform.

One more title in line with a topic from that episode would possibly presumably per chance accept as true with been “Podia survived Black Friday without breaking a sweat”. If that accept as true with been in a Twitter card the meta description comprises it be a Rails topic and it’s miles veritably good to hear success stories on how Rails does scale. It ends up accept as true with clickable hobby for the skeptics available and additionally Rails builders?

[0]: //https://runninginproduction.com/podcast/77-podia-has-everyth…

I genuinely loved listening to this podcast, and I’m basically bowled over at how low the per episode engagement is. There is no longer any scarcity of podcasts specializing in the financial a part of running a enterprise, or the technical a part of constructing the frontend/backend, but there are entirely just a few that stagger into the particulars of deployment, monitoring, etc. I believed your podcast tapped into a genuinely spicy arena of interest, and I posted a hyperlink to it in a old hn comment [1].

[1] //https://records.ycombinator.com/item?identity=32987671

Hello, thanks plenty for declaring the divulge!

You perceive, your plan task is simply like mine on this topic haha. That’s why I started the divulge. It felt love it used to be filling a void around a bunch of deployment issues.

Hi Carve, your podcast is one of my favorites of all time. As a solo founders I correct can highlight your entire data I received from it. I advance aid as soon as in some time.

I would possibly presumably purchase to survey it aid with some strategies varied of us are pointing out.

I most sensible only lately stumbled across your podcast, and I LOVED it. I genuinely preferred that lots of your guests weren’t taking part in the startup game (ie VC funded) but accept as true with been correct of us with a theory and accept as true with been making a thing. I cherished it! I listened to every episode and used to be genuinely bummed after I observed you weren’t making extra episodes.

Can’t will let you in terms of promoting advice. Depend me as someone who if truth be told loved your podcast, and it used to be my intro to the theory of SaaS as a standard of living enterprise. A breath of unique air amidst an worldwide where everybody’s shopping for the next round of funding.

Thanks plenty, I genuinely care for it.

Your raise on it being correct of us with a theory is my desire too and I know precisely what you imply. I luxuriate in no longer thoughts having all styles of guests and enterprise kinds on the divulge but these smaller to medium sized businesses if truth be told popped up the most. I focal level on it be ensuing from I largely received guest requests from posting on HN and Reddit. I did no longer reach out to mountainous firms at the moment.

Glorious wanted to enlighten that I accept as true with listened to a resolution of episodes and loved them. I focal level on the mandatory belief is a sound one and that you just completed it effectively, I loved being in a topic to filter episodes by topic and I most incessantly worn it as a useful resource if I was thinking about the exercise of a explicit technology. Context for this is that I correct don’t snoop on many podcasts of any form so I am, perchance, no longer your supreme viewers member.

Extra on the overall, and no longer particular to runningproduction, I _strongly_ favour shorter podcasts and, though I care for this expenses money, podcasts with a transcript.

Thanks for making runninginproduction, I care for it’s essential to presumably also just survey it as “a total failure” but fwiw that will be a genuinely prolonged methodology from my perception of it.

Hi, thanks plenty.

Yep transcripts accept as true with been on my list to encompass but there would possibly be an honest charge to derive correct human vetted transcripts for ~6 hours of (2) speaker audio content per week. There are semi-automatic free instruments but the accuracy is unhappy ample where I would possibly presumably use a !sizable! quantity of time rewriting and fixing them up (I attempted a bunch, even some cheap paid solutions that accept as true with been AI driven).

Brutally right:

You suck at advertising.

It’s most sensible to promote the shit out of media that you just genuinely desire of us to employ. What did you luxuriate in to advertise it? It’s most sensible to manufacture engagement and exercise platforms where you generally tend to usher in money (for that reason Twitch is the unique licensed for imprint unique ideas love yours). The title of each and each episode is true but tedious and makes it appear love the interview will be a gross sales pitch for each and each companies and products or products. Additionally, minor level, there are no longer any dates on the episodes. The audio, survey below.

You suck at audio engineering.

The audio from several samples I listened to starting from mid-shuffle to the most modern episode accept as true with been a plosive and fricative nightmare. It used to be actually sophisticated to snoop on. If this accept as true with been some course for a degree program, I would possibly presumably also potentially suck it up and snoop on it an hour at a time. But this is edutainment.

Thanks. There are dates on the backside of each and each episode btw. The ideally suited episode used to be from just a few year up to now.

Promotion vivid I attempted to organically put it on the market. In most cases if I read a touch upon HN or just a few sub-reddits I would possibly presumably leave a non-spammy answer and on the overall stay the comment with something that hyperlinks aid to an episode with a timestamped hyperlink to the records linked to the comment. I additionally if truth be told useful guests piece the episode when it goes live. I tweeted out unique episodes but I luxuriate in no longer accept as true with a big following.

Just a few of these posts on Reddit did rather effectively. To illustrate this single submit in /r/django fueled nearly a year’s charge of guests //https://www.reddit.com/r/django/comments/gddnh0/are_you_runn…, and the apply up submit //https://www.reddit.com/r/django/comments/ifrcd6/a_few_months….

> You suck at audio engineering. The audio from several samples I listened to starting from mid-shuffle to the most modern episode accept as true with been a plosive and fricative nightmare.

Is that this feedback largely on the guest’s audio or my method up?

It be no longer my corpulent time job but endure in thoughts each and each guest is a strange individual recording their facet of the track of their home or voice of enterprise. They’re the exercise of no matter bare bones mic method up they’ve. I pre-assembled a list of recording strategies earlier than the divulge to preserve up far from celebrated problems. If money accept as true with been no object I would possibly presumably send every guest $150-200 charge of kit or pay to accept as true with studio time of their local keep in dispute that they’ll file their facet but that isn’t any longer real looking for a podcast this size.

The most fresh episode has plosives but when something clips there would possibly be no longer worthy I will luxuriate in for the reason that offer audio is messed up. All people used to be recording in the neighborhood, generally with Audacity to keep away with any community artifacts. Audio editing vivid on my facet, I generally correct shuffle their track through a noise gate while attempting no longer to abolish the natural sound of their relate. Customarily I play a tiny with an EQ when it be big sure they’ve a genuinely trebly relate. In most cases times I will not exercise a compressor to keep their quantity extra consistent ensuing from they’ve a big quantity of room noise that can no longer be filtered out without making them sound non-human.

I’m strange what you focal level on about this episode’s quality //https://runninginproduction.com/podcast/31-mux-is-an-api-bas…. This used to be one where the guest ended up attempting for a novel mic earlier than the podcast (I if truth be told useful they have interaction up an AT-2005 which is a pretty cheap dynamic USB mic, it be what I exercise as effectively). They wanted a bigger method up for future videos on their possess (no longer correct for my divulge). What you hear there would possibly be basically straight from the offer.

There are truly hundreds and hundreds of podcasts available. It’s most sensible to luxuriate in something special in repeat to derive of us to pay attention. The episode I listened to segment of sounded correct love it used to be a pair of no longer unique devs chatting about construction. Nothing erroneous with that, but it surely’s no longer special. If you snoop on predominant podcasts, the of us on the podcasts are highly charismatic and it be easy to snoop on them talking about anything. Your podcast, on the varied hand, has of us who are no longer in particular charismatic, correct celebrated of us talking, which I will derive wherever. Podcasts is also informative, but they are a assemble of entertainment, meaning you want to always be enthralling.

“Devs chatting about construction” is additionally a pretty tight arena of interest. That you just must presumably also potentially luxuriate in better than 200-300 listeners per episode, but no longer by worthy. You are making a product entirely just a few of us want. Very few of us would advance entirely for the records being conveyed. Nothing erroneous with that, but correct as a podcast about European pickles would in no intention derive hundreds and hundreds of views, no matter how pretty it’s, neither would yours.

The audio quality used to be additionally no longer big, but this isn’t a valuable effort if the podcast is enthralling.


I acknowledged sure to each one who requested to be on the divulge. The laborious segment for this form of podcast is finding a fixed movement of guests. In most cases times it’s essential to presumably also just don’t accept as true with any belief how a individual is going to react on a call until you are already in the resolution and recording the divulge. In every episode we jumped on a call, spent a pair of minutes announcing hello and went straight into it.

I went with my gut in that any individual volunteering to be on the divulge will be overjoyed having a free assemble conversation. None of it’s scripted but I luxuriate in generally accept as true with a pair of bullet parts in entrance of me to quilt a vary of celebrated issues.

But, I derive where you are coming from and I’m love that too. I’m for obvious going to gravitate in direction of a extra enticing host / guest if I had an chance selecting between A and B. It be genuinely laborious to drag this off ensuing from if you most sensible accept as true with guests on the divulge who accept as true with a public presence on the podcast / interview / YouTube / etc. scene it will be worthy extra sophisticated to derive guests as a facet challenge. That you just must presumably also just additionally lose out on some genuinely cool stories. In a single episode a pair of fellows constructed and shipped a personalised hardware utility to far-off African villages to relief keep electronic mail extra accessible.

> “Devs chatting about construction” is additionally a pretty tight arena of interest

There desires to be hundreds and hundreds of devs who is also serious just a few podcast that teaches them about better construction practices

> There desires to be hundreds and hundreds of devs who is also serious just a few podcast that teaches them about better construction practices

Obvious, but correct listening to/studying “Devs chatting about construction” doesn’t persuade me that the stay consequence is I am going to perceive about better construction practices.

Maybe you’d like a video ingredient? I in my belief most sensible snoop on podcasts in video. I luxuriate in no longer know why but I gave up on audio podcasts ages up to now. I purchase to survey the of us talking.

Additionally for sustaining, perchance you want to always lower your expectations and level of curiosity on doing it for fun.

It be that it’s essential to presumably also focal level on. I’m same to you in that I worthy purchase video podcasts. That is also because of nearly always listening to episodes in entrance of my computer with corpulent attention. I form of purchase to preserve up far from all styles of tech after I’m outside or doing varied activities that will be love minded with listening to a podcast (using, exercise, etc.).

Video is sophisticated with a novel far-off guest every week ensuing from their recording method up is also a tiny rough across the aspects or it would possibly presumably keep them melancholy to be on video. I luxuriate in focal level on video adds a big ingredient though. It additionally forces me to be much less perfect ensuing from it be very easy to edit audio and likewise you because the listener would in no intention know. Most episodes accept as true with actually a total bunch of cuts but you can not repeat for many of them, but video is intention tougher to lower ensuing from you visually survey the jump cuts.

Thanks for the advice!

I accept as true with listened to your podcast infrequently and I genuinely loved it. I will’t genuinely suppose what it’s essential to presumably also luxuriate in to strengthen it as I in my belief focal level on it used to be very pretty. I assume there are correct lots of podcasts available and perchance it used to be an effort of discovery. What I snoop on is dependent on my mood but after I was shopping for a construction linked podcast yours used to be if truth be told one I would possibly presumably stagger to. Sorry if this isn’t any longer a genuinely helpful comment but I correct wanted to will let you know I preferred your work.

That’s very helpful thanks.

Maybe I’m taking a gaze into this too worthy but after I preserve a pair of quite lots of replies and yours collectively in the identical context my takeaway used to be if you want to always hear about the gory particulars about something construction linked you would snoop on the divulge. To me that claims from a technical standpoint the divulge is pretty but you are no longer listening to it to be entertained namely. That you just must presumably also just additionally no longer be listening to it while doing something else ensuing from if technical records is what you are after, it’s essential to presumably even be focusing totally on the divulge?

Despite the indisputable truth that my review of your particular case is erroneous, it received me to focal level on a pair of unique things equivalent to “what form of mood are of us in when they tune in?”, “are folks listening to this for pure data, entertainment or something else?”, and “what would possibly presumably someone be doing while they’re listening to the divulge?”.

Yes I would possibly presumably generally be strolling or using after I’m listening to a podcast. I focal level on I realized yours as I was working on just a few Django initiatives and I wished to derive a genuinely feel for various peoples expertise of the exercise of it in exact life. I focal level on there would possibly be charge in the content of the interviews that you just wouldn’t basically derive from correct studying on the topic. It’s spicy to hear your entire varied kinds of exact world initiatives that folks are running and constructing.

Half of the emergent web site visitors in YouTube (half of!) is the title and title masks.

Work for your titles, first of all.

No doubt one of many perfect and one which’s gentle on my playlist! Factual job!

I focal level on one vital part is that you just, in my belief, will should always accept as true with a following. It be the identical as in varied areas love blogging and vlogging. It’s most sensible to manufacture your self a persona that folks will apply for some motive and then they are going to employ your content.

Thanks Adrian, I gentle endure in thoughts our episode.

My persona would possibly presumably suck. My persona is there would possibly be no longer this sort of thing as a persona. I’m a dude constructing and deploying web apps. I exercise lots of quite lots of instruments and examine out to piece all the pieces I’ve realized along the methodology.

I luxuriate in no longer play anything up for videos or interviews. I’m nearly precisely the identical in exact life varied than I’m a tiny extra unfiltered in exact life.

I did a meta episode on the divulge where I interviewed myself at //https://runninginproduction.com/podcast/100-running-in-produ…. Since the divulge is guest oriented I try and allow them to talk as worthy as that it’s essential to presumably also focal level on (they are the smartly-known individual of the divulge) but in that episode since I was interviewing myself I received to talk rather extra.

I clicked and began to read the titles of the episodes and none of them used to be spicy for me. Diversified enterprise names and descriptions…

But after I clicked to one episode randomly: ah, looks to be a genuinely spicy conversation with lots of technical particulars and challenges…

Thanks. Which episode did you randomly click on into and which segment used to be spicy to you? I’m most sensible asking ensuing from that will presumably per chance aid records me into creating better titles.

Bro you sound love a robot. Fully zero charisma. There are heaps of quite lots of podcasts available with extra enthralling personalities with the identical content.

Bro, you sound love an asshole. None of your ‘feedback’ is priceless or actionable, and neither this comment or anything for your profile parts to any content created by your extra enthralling persona.

To rein this convo aid rather, most incessantly listening to it raw and laborious can aid. I preserve into consideration myself to accept as true with medium thick skin and I care for feedback love this immensely ensuing from it has a obvious comedic luxuriate in as effectively. Maybe that’s how I grew up though.

I additionally don’t thoughts feedback love that.

It be correct laborious to preserve action on it ensuing from it be 1 records level. To illustrate, I additionally file video programs. Tens of hundreds of of us accept as true with passed through them and I’ve gotten a handful of comments from of us announcing I sound robotic. But then I’ve additionally gotten a total bunch of comments announcing they love the methodology I divulge things and had an even time.

This podcast is varied ensuing from I form of genuinely feel love if I’m doing my job precisely the guest will be talking 98% of the time. I’m there to query plan provoking questions and hope it sparks an even response from them, then perchance I am going with the draw to add a tiny bit of color and opinions around their answers and pass on. I luxuriate in no longer should always preserve away their divulge or be the focus of the divulge. I disapprove listening to guest basically based totally totally podcasts where the host doesn’t let their guest talk and always interrupts them with “if truth be told…” form of remarks or tries to 1-up them.

OP wanted to perceive why his podcast used to be failing and I if truth be told useful him. I’m no longer obligated to manufacture a resolution.

200-300 of us per episode is rather pretty you want to always gentle preserve pleasure in that.

I would possibly presumably derive a approach to keep it more straightforward and funner and gash the 6 hours.

In any other case it be a advertising success/failure.

I believed the identical.

Maybe he must gentle preserve listeners and derive out why, what, etc.? They’re drinking the product. Additionally, try and derive feedback from one-and-completed listeners.

Moi? I luxuriate in no longer accept as true with time or hobby in informal chat and then derive to the stay with nothing taken away. I will not invest time until I’m assured I am going to no longer lower than breakeven.

> Can I derive some brutally right feedback

My gut is that it’s essential to presumably also just accept as true with heaps of content, and likewise you want to always prepare it better and exploit web content positioning. Sadly, ensuing from this is for builders, the topic is intensely saturated. Enjoy you ever tried running adverts for any explicit sections that is also licensed love #aws?

I accept as true with out a longer tried running paid adverts for anything I’ve launched (I additionally weblog and keep weekly YouTube videos).

The divulge expenses no longer lower than 6 hours of non-public time per episode which translates to a Saturday or Sunday. There is additionally web web topic hosting expenses, etc.. Paid adverts would possibly presumably be one more expense. My plan task as a developer (and I’m potentially erroneous) is that if something is grand then it would possibly presumably be spread rather organically. If it be no longer spreading organically then it be no longer pretty ample ensuing from it technique of us are no longer sharing it ample to hit that level of extreme mass.

I luxuriate in no longer preserve it in my belief but it surely would possibly presumably bias my resolution no longer to make exercise of paid adverts ensuing from in my thoughts it would possibly presumably genuinely feel love burning money to derive extra eyeballs on content that isn’t any longer pretty ample. It be additionally a sharp promote to derive someone to land on a podcast web content and invest 30-90 minutes into listening to it if they luxuriate in no longer know anything about the divulge already.

> you want to always prepare it better

Any strategies? There is a list of podcasts broken down with tags. Each and each tag is clickable and each and each tag has its possess dedicated web content with a title / meta description. There is additionally a big list of tags at //https://runninginproduction.com/podcast/.

So first, 300 consistent listens per episode in this keep is rather legitimate individually. Niche things love this are extra about _who_ is listening in desire to what number of folks.

I’m 100% someone serious about displays love yours, I correct did no longer perceive it existed. One predominant thing it’s essential to presumably also potentially luxuriate in pretty away is invite varied of us with followings in this keep as guests. In fashion podcasters are on the overall frustrated by requests to be on their divulge, but on the overall is intention extra friendly if you invite them on yours. That’s ensuing from you are doing the work and exposing them to your viewers. They’ll seemingly put it on the market or would possibly presumably even unhealthy submit it if you want to always. They’d presumably want you on as a guest afterwards, someone with that many interviews is crawl to accept as true with some spicy things to discuss.

The episode you posted for instance of audio quality lately looked extra than pretty ample for me. Up to now as burn out, I would possibly presumably perchance counsel if truth be told doing much less for each and each episode, no longer lower than until you feel equivalent to it’s essential to presumably also outsource the worst parts. What if you did most sensible one of the best parts of submit, and lower down submit production to an hour in desire to 5 – 6? Maybe a tool that auto will get rid of silence, umms and ahs, etc would possibly presumably per chance aid rather here too. Descript for instance can luxuriate in an honest quantity of this in about 5 minutes. Factual ample individually. Sever out as worthy submit work as it’s essential to presumably also. I bet you your exact viewers isn’t any longer going to care.

Piece of it would possibly presumably per chance additionally be correct shorter recording times. I purchase longer episodes but it surely looks love I’m one of the best one. Modifying 30 mins of recording is plenty more straightforward than an hour and a half of, and of us appear extra more seemingly to keep on shorter episodes (I assume).

Additionally, correct skimming rather of an episode, I focal level on you overdo the formality of the intro. It sounds too scripted and no longer love your natural self. Skipping from the intro to a later clip of you talking, you sound worthy extra natural later on. Loads of of us will bail out at some stage in the intro if they’re correct checking you out for the first time and it doesn’t hook them worthy.

The titles must gentle reflect extra of what’s spicy to the viewers, keep it one of the best segment of no matter they’re doing in desire to an elevator length description. Are they hitting excessive requests per 2d, doing something bleeding edge, serving lots of users as a solo dev, etc? Mix that with the most spicy segment of their stack for the title. Having a stare upon your divulge notes I will survey this stuff is in there, correct keep it the title.

If you’re burning out, try being extra selective with guests too. Intention no longer pressure it. And don’t witness at it as desiring X viewers numbers or no matter for success. You are constructing authority as someone in the industry, getting respect from guests and listeners, being uncovered to methodology extra than a celebrated dev, and so worthy extra. If you’re attempting to keep a living off of the podcast, it’s essential to presumably per chance should always stagger wayyy extra generic and attention grabbing. But I suppose don’t luxuriate in that. As a replace luxuriate in this thing effectively and likewise you are going to derive a name for your self with the kinds of of us who snoop on things love this – of us in circulation, constructing things, who are excelling in the topic. Other folks which is also or will be any individual to respect in the industry.Thats a mountainous deal.

By some means, please preserve making the divulge, it’s miles a gap that I’ve realized surprisingly laborious to derive pretty content for. I want the technical particulars, I would possibly presumably just like the code discuss and the deep dive that nearly all podcasts lower out ensuing from “of us don’t should always snoop on this”. Properly, I luxuriate in and so luxuriate in heaps of of us if truth be told constructing exact things.

Thanks plenty for writing this up and for the phrases of encouragement. Chuffed to hear you just like the divulge.

I’ve completed just a few unhealthy-posted episodes. That wasn’t the target of these episodes but one of the episodes are with folks who both accept as true with their possess podcast or are segment of a community podcast. To illustrate, the changelog episode //https://runninginproduction.com/podcast/63-changelog-is-a-ne…. There is a resolution of others.

I luxuriate in no longer use too prolonged while editing. About 60-90 minutes of editing per episode when the episode in itself is set that prolonged. I most incessantly edit at 2x shuffle and quick gash out the filler phrases. Any audio processing love cleansing up noise or celebrated EQ work is a pair of minutes. The 5-6 hours is the corpulent stay to total time from having an empty folder and no guest to a completed mp3 that is able to be printed.

The intro and outro accept as true with been recorded years up to now with varied audio settings (it be methodology too muffled and bass’y in contrast to any of the ideally suited dozens of episodes). I correct pad them onto the starting up and stay of each and each episode. They accept as true with been scripted ensuing from I in my belief luxuriate in no longer love prolonged intros so I was attempting to derive the core essence of the divulge out in the smallest quantity of time that it’s essential to presumably also focal level on. I will re-file them if I have interaction the divulge aid up, thanks.

No doubt going to work on the titles, no longer lower than as a homework project keep unique titles for a bunch of the old episodes even supposing I luxuriate in no longer publish them. I attempted to restrict each and each to 70 chars or much less and out of respect for the guest additionally wanted to encompass their product’s name in the title.

A living would possibly presumably be pushing it but when you work 40-50 hours every week (which I luxuriate in), dedicating when it comes to a corpulent day to it’s a mountainous investment. To outsource all the pieces effectively (an editor who knows ample about the tech to have interaction what stays in and human vetted transcripts) would possibly presumably be love $300-400 per episode. That’s no longer counting someone to wrestle through the episodes and keep clips to relief promote them, that will presumably without effort be one more $150-250. At 1 episode per week, even without clips that’ll be ~$1,500 a month.

Getting sponsors is additionally sophisticated ensuing from it be no longer profitable for somebody to use $300 or even $150 per episode for an advert slot when most sensible just a few hundred of us snoop on it. The sponsors will most sensible luxuriate in if they keep a return on their investment and that can require having worthy extra views.

You are pretty though, there would possibly be lots of ancillary advantages of getting the divulge. That’s partly why I saved going for as prolonged as I did but I observed that my course gross sales did no longer genuinely alternate too worthy at some stage in or after the podcast so I’m no longer obvious it helped derive the note out on them. After I witness at all of that, I focal level on to myself that it be a failure ensuing from it did no longer pass the needle. The conversations accept as true with been big and I charge them plenty which is priceless. Even supposing, lots of of us isn’t any longer going to admit that money does matter. It be no longer my predominant effort or motivation for the divulge but money is major to continue doing what you like so that it’s essential to presumably also accept as true with ample money to continue doing it.

I’m the host of CoRecursive, a monthly podcast, where each and each episode a guest shares “The myth of a section of utility being constructed.” I am going to be a tiny shameless and shuffle myself. I keep lots of work into the podcast and hacker records readers are most incessantly precisely who it be for.

Decembers episode used to be the myth of porting Doom to the 3DO. Other favs of the year accept as true with been the myth of constructing the Android working system, constructing
Serenity OS, constructing CPAN and constructing Eliza the chat bot.


Spacious fan! If truth be told loved your podcast talking about SQLite with Richard Hipp and Apple 2001 with David Shayer.

My absolute licensed podcast. Pumped every month for the unique episode. I focal level on I’ve gone aid and listened to when it comes to each and one and all.

Thanks so worthy for doing the divulge Adam. Some random tips for guests:

– Joshua Stein (@jcs): Too many initiatives to list. Rad all-around hacker.

– Mike Bayer (@zzzeek): Creator of SQLAlchemy/Alembic

– Theo de Raadt: OpenBSD creator. Critically a controversial guy, but very spicy.

I genuinely revel for your podcast. It’s one of the best podcast where I am going aid and snoop on past episodes extra than one times, they inspire me as a developer!

Nothing erroneous with being rather shameless to advertise it!

The episodes witness rather cool, gonna them a pay attention!

Are you additionally originate to any guest speakers?

Yeah, for obvious, but it surely’s a story telling podcast.

My criteria are around someone having a genuinely crazy you-wouldn’t beleive-it myth just a few utility challenge to piece.

I realized your podcast after a comment here about the episode that comprises the man who constructed the (Apple II?) app from his cabin in the woods. I’m gentle a celebrated listener.

I counsel Refined Expertise Engineering: //https://softskills.audio/

The hosts give advice to exact problems despatched in by listeners spicy non-technical problems in the utility engineering office, equivalent to facing problematic co-workers, how most sensible to assemble your expertise into seniority, how and when to barter a pay lift and easy how to manage your self for fascinating to one more job.

I luxuriate in no longer focal level on every episode is intensely priceless since many of the solutions for office linked problems is also drilled down to “witness for a novel job and stop your weak one”, but the hosts are very charismatic and comical. And when they luxuriate in give pretty advice it be always something I’ve saved in thoughts which has occassionally helped me in my possess job.

> the hosts are very charismatic and comical

For me, this is what makes the divulge. I on the overall luxuriate in no longer love “conversational” podcasts, but this is my one exception. There are hundreds of resources for this form of thing which is also better if you would favor records density, but Dave and Jamison’s conversations are forever enthralling, and they are both extremely witty and charismatic.

I 2d this one. It be one of the best podcast on/adjoining to engineering that I incessantly snoop on (even Syntax.fm I am going to dip interior and exterior of). Factual community, too.

For these serious about the theoretical, historical, or experimental fringes of computing, it’s essential to presumably also just revel in the monthly-(ish) podcast from the Future of Coding community: //https://futureofcoding.org/episodes

The most fresh episode is set Bret Victor’s 2006 essay Magic Ink, but varied fresh episodes accept as true with covered Alan Kay and Doug Engelbart, and older episodes feature interviews with of us working on the aspects of what it means to program a computer, including Devine Lu Linvega (Orca), Toby Schachman (Apparatus, Cuttle), Ella Hoeppner (Vlojure), and even Miller Puckette (Max/MSP, Pure Data).

I’m the unique host of the podcast, so if it’s essential to presumably also just accept as true with strategies for future episodes or varied feedback about the divulge, I’m all ears.

For my piece I infrequently snoop on the Full Developer Podcast: //https://completedeveloperpodcast.com/

To me the hosts appear pleasant and the issues linked, it’s no longer going to be the most detailed podcast available, but it surely obvious is a cozy one to snoop on.

Additionally, infrequently The Changelog Podcast is good to snoop on: //https://changelog.com/podcast

And the CoRecursive Podcast as effectively: //https://corecursive.com/

The latter two accept as true with a bigger vary of of us to examine with, about every form of initiatives in the industry. One in every of them had a pretty pretty interview about SQLite, which used to be a provocative pay attention – listening to rather extra about how the challenge came to be and the intention it used to be developed.

You are pretty, all are pretty. But in my case Changelog isn’t any longer most sensible occasional. I focal level on I would possibly presumably also be listening to many of the episodes of all series/podcasts they luxuriate in and each episode of “Ship It!” Is the should always for me now!

I’m one of many hosts for Instrument Engineering Radio.


From the About web content:

Instrument Engineering Radio is a podcast focused on the skilled utility developer. The aim is to be a prolonged-lasting tutorial useful resource, no longer a newscast. Now a weekly divulge, we examine with specialists from all the intention through the utility engineering world about the corpulent vary of issues that matter to skilled builders.

I accept as true with such cherish and disapprove relationship with them. They tend to have interaction spicy issues and invite if truth be told superior of us, but
gosh luxuriate in they both suck as hosts – they on the overall derive carried away into their mildly linked non-public experiences or tiny discuss nothing

We’re always attempting to strengthen! Enact it’s essential to presumably also just accept as true with any examples of us tiny talking about nothing? That’d be big helpful to perceive.

On high of my head:

– the epbf episode where one of you started talking love aid in the weak days you treated servers as pets and no longer as cattle

– the episode about auditing startups where many of the controversy you accept as true with been carried away and even acknowledged somethin “let’s continue or we won’t execute” or something

– oh and that Silicon Valley television divulge stuff that correct keeps popping every varied time

It’s love that uncle of mine that I meet every Christmas who is mostly “aid in my days” (I remeber after we…) or “in my weak fatherland they worn to” (here at changelog we…)

but that’s correct my non-public notion. Time is apprehension on the unique time so I’d purchase to derive as worthy info as that it’s essential to presumably also focal level on.

But hey, I’m obvious there are hundreds and hundreds that like you, motive in celebrated the guests and issues are big

On the varied hand, one of the float away correct displays we’re all of us. I’m listening podcasts on 1.5-1.7x shuffle and digressions are all pretty to me. Relieve up the superior work you luxuriate in, guys! Actual fan of yours!

I genuinely feel coarse even announcing this ensuing from I love the work you guys luxuriate in and don’t should always bum this individual out, but I needed to forestall listening to the ones with Johnny. He looks to correct wax poetically so on the overall. I’m obvious hes big good, but it surely feels love he talks for the majority of the episode in desire to letting the guests and varied hosts talk. Each and each time he has a plan you know your in for a 3 minute spiel.

Sorry, Johnny! It be potentially correct me.

Y’all are one of my licensed podcasts. Loved the vim and neovim episodes. Heroku and Tauri ones too. Relieve up the pretty work.

The podcast has grown on me plenty. You and Adam tend to talk with vocal fry, and it comes across as a tiny bro-y initially.

If truth be told cherished the sizzling episodes with Adam Wiggins.

That’s the unimaginable thing about the catch, you are crawl to derive things you luxuriate in no longer love that others accept as true with the categorical opposite expertise with. I derive them extremely relatable, fun, and an authority.

You replied to a comment about 3 varied displays, to which is also you referring?

Nonetheless, Changelog has big displays and monumental hosts and monumental guests. I snoop on _a lot_ of dev linked podcasts, and I will direct you, all of them accept as true with one of the human affects you pointed out.

Changelog if truth be told rises to the pinnacle!

Hi Jerod!

That’s no longer my impression at all about them–I have been listening to just a few of their displays for five years now. The interviews are high notch and there are generally ever episodes without any particular level of curiosity.

Darknet Diaries. That you just must presumably also suppose it be extra about cyber security, but there wouldn’t be cyber security guards (lol) if we did no longer keep the apps!

The two-segment xbox episode used to be my non-public licensed, ensuing from I endure in thoughts that scene in my early years but in no intention knew the myth behind it.

The North Korea 3-parter is equally pretty IMO.

This one sounds spicy! I am going to present it a pay attention.

Talking of Platform groups, I’m one of many co-founders of WunderGraph(//https://wundergraph.com/) and we’re working on a platform pretty now for API Integration. Are you originate to any guests from a early startup?

Shoot me an electronic mail at [email protected], would purchase to establish.

Appropriate now we’re bearing in mind interviewing of us in interior-going through roles, but we’re exploring doing a series that explores spicy distributors and solutions.

Nothing beats the Jane Avenue one for programming / engineering. Just a few of them will be introductory lectures to a topic.

Just among the ones that I accept as true with out a longer yet viewed talked about:

“Oxide and Associates” is a big interdisciplinary podcast with lots of level of curiosity on hardware and low-degree stuff, but always taking a stare upon a mountainous image.

“Array Solid” is a pretty strange podcast about array languages (focal level on APL, J, K and location visitors).

“Form Idea Forall” – podcast about formal strategies and form theory, some totally big guests there!

I additionally should always mention “IPv6 Buzz” and in celebrated “Packet pushers” family of podcasts on networking – listening to it helped me plenty after I needed to enforce some IPv6 performance at my job and did no longer genuinely know where to originate.

Oh, and “Machine studying boulevard discuss” is correct superior if you’re rather extra philosophically inclined.

Thanks for declaring Array Solid. We try and aim at an viewers that isn’t any longer going to be conversant in the array languages, but are serious about who uses them and the intention they work. We additionally accept as true with transcripts and in depth divulge notes for deeper dives into the materials. We accept as true with now lots of fun recording it and I focal level on that comes through. //https://www.arraycast.com/episodes

Hello, big list of superior podcasts. I’m the host of Instrument Engineering Unlocked //https://www.se-unlocked.com.

The episodes level of curiosity on the expertise of my guests with utility engineering practices equivalent to testing, or code review, their fling to advance their profession and on the overall additionally on how builders derive their a success enterprise.

Would cherish if you give it a pay attention and survey if you like my divulge.

I 2d the advice – I’m a celebrated listener. Over time I realized reasonably just a few things on the divulge that will presumably translate effectively to my job. One instance are the episodes on dos and don’ts of measuring developer productiveness, which helped me form my possess tips on the topic.

Agreed, I genuinely revel in his interviews with of us from the industry (and rarely varied of us as effectively). Donald Knuth, John Carmack, Demis Hassabis, Brendan Eich, Chris Lattner to name just a few.

I most sensible only lately realized Lex Fridman’s podcast (2 monthes up to now), but I have been obsessed! The Fiona Hill episode (#335) used to be big. The local climate alternate dialogue between Bjorn Lomborg and Andrew Revkin (#339) used to be very tutorial. Ray Kurzweil (#321) used to be superior as effectively. I ponder how that guy (Lex) has time to work his exact job since he looks to keep out 2 episodes every week and they are all 2-4 hours in length and he clearly does his homework!

I’m rather obvious this is his job. He talks about making a startup on occasion, but doesn’t witness love that is taking place anytime rapidly.

That individual’s interviewing expertise are erroneous and his pithy “cherish” schtick traces credulity given the methodology he handles criticism of him.

Yeah, but man does he derive some big guests as soon as in some time. If truth be told loved Travis Oliphant and Todd Howard moreover to the ones the guardian listed.

> That individual’s interviewing expertise are erroneous

I focal level on it be rather unfair. Overall, I would possibly presumably suppose he’s an honest interviewer and has spicy guests.

That being acknowledged, I derive him pretentious, and derive rather bored with some habitual cliches and subject issues. I would possibly presumably purchase if he would preserve things rather extra “just”. Additionally he invitations infrequently some crackpots, which can presumably be supreme if he’d effort them extra, or invite one more guest who can.

yeah, his questions and comments are reasonably on the overall naive and recoil. But he has unimaginable guests, from every form of domains, and lets them discuss for hours.

Unhealthy Industry: It be a podcast about records security.

Despite the indisputable truth that you just are no longer at the moment working on security, listening to this podcast will will let it’s essential to presumably also just accept as true with security in thoughts for your on each day foundation developer work.

> Test and Code is an even (one of the best?) testing podcast (on the overall with a Python attitude).

There would possibly be additionally Code with Jason, the author of which wrote a e book on testing with Ruby, and the episodes on the overall derive into exams.

Programming Throwdown is a pretty pretty podcast Ive been listening to it for just a few years. Basically the most crucial 20 or so episodes, they’d a segment that bearing in mind a particular programming language, the historical past, utility and quirks which used to be a fun methodology to learn extra about coding and the varied instruments (languages) on hand. They’ve since superior to quilt extra useful issues equivalent to take a look at driven construction, AI etc. it’s an even one.

If you’re a python fan, Talk Python To Me is a big podcast. Covers so many issues interior python from libraries, frameworks and special instruments.

The article I love about these two podcasts is that they don’t decide that their listeners are basically web builders. Since I don’t work in the catch arena, it’s been sharp to derive an even podcasts that quilt CS extra broadly.

I’m ready having a laborious time finding genuinely solid Kubernetes and DevOps podcasts. The DevOps Paradox duo don’t genuinely accept as true with a fashion for tight editing (in particular that intro that is neither comical or effectively timed). The first charge Kubernetes podcast hosts are very tedious. Purple Hat used to be doing a big one on Kubernetes but dropped it.

Any strategies?

I genuinely revel in listening to Coding Blocks, in particular when they’re discussing licensed utility engineering books (DDD, Devops Instruction manual, etc.) which offer a big overview of what the core ideas of the e book are along with useful applications. They don’t preserve themselves too seriously what with having dad shaggy dog myth sections but gentle manage to preserve up things informational and unique. They is also rather prolonged so I counsel breaking listening lessons following their ogle sections.

That’s so pretty, too. I was checking if someone mentions them, or to put in writing comment myself. Very pretty. Customarily tangential, but revel of their every episode.

Yup, I’ve been listening to them for a resolution of years. I care for the balance of discussing technical ideas and celebrated banter on developer life.

I realized it helpful to use a day finding particular episodes of utility engineering linked podcasts. I’ve realized pretty results when browsing for utility episodes in Algorithmic Trading, Math, Netsec, and Recreation Building podcasts. I additionally realized that browsing YouTube with the >20 min filter helps me derive podcast-love single discussions/displays. Youtube autoplay and instructed videos are genuinely pretty for me.

Chat With Merchants Podcast has Quant traders and utility engineers as soon as in some time. Listening to technical of us discuss work and answer inquiries to a non-technical viewers is priceless, ensuing from podcasts on the overall don’t accept as true with PR discuss. There are exception to that, here’s a 3 year weak episode with Sam Bankman-Fried //https://www.youtube.com/respect?v=gSDk5PAJss4 //https://chatwithtraders.com/?s=utility

DataSkeptic is an AI, records science, stats, promoting podcast I accept as true with realized rather only lately. The accept as true with had extra than one seasons, Seasons labeled, Ad-Tech (unique), Bodily Dispensed, ample-means, Time Series, Consensus, Interpretability, Counterfeit Data, Pure Language Processing, and Man made Intelligence. I genuinely loved the episodes I accept as true with heard to this level. //https://dataskeptic.com/

I additionally revel in weak developer convention displays love ones from Recreation Developers Conference and Defcon. There are initiatives to keep saved articles through text to speech in batches on the pc, but I accept as true with method up traditional TTS on my cell phone as a replace. No longer all articles will work effectively for conversion though.

For Java builders examine out the Internal Java Podcast where we interview the folks working on the Java Platform for an interior witness at vital innovations (eg Loom, Panama, Amber, JavaFX, secure coding pointers, contributing to OpenJDK, etc.)


I accept as true with out a longer realized many who hit 100%, so subscribing to a bunch and allowing your podcast app to retailer suppose the “most modern 3” is how I have interaction and purchase the episodes I’m serious about.

I would possibly presumably suppose for java additionally airhacks.fm podcast. The his Adam Bien is without doubt one of many most pragmatic engineers I factor in.

It varies. When he has guests that tells stories it’s worthy extra conversational.

I care for the narration plenty ensuing from I would possibly presumably don’t accept as true with any belief what is going on in any other case. 🙂

I will vouch for this one! I’ve started listening to this one only lately and been taking part in it to this level. Mountainous different of issues interior Net construction and the hosts are very charismatic and welcoming.

While no longer the categorical mold match, I derive the DevGameClub (//https://devgameclub.com) podcast to be very supreme. Two worn game builders witness at video games from the past, and discuss their relevance and impression on the unique time.

It be big to witness at video games through a developer’s lens, why things accept as true with been completed a obvious methodology, and the intention we accept as true with improved since. Additionally they frequently accept as true with builders of the video games on for interviews after they play through, with a total bunch “how the sausage is made” stories.

There would possibly be that this podcast entirely about Donkey Kong which I totally like. The entire lot about this game is supreme-attempting and there would possibly be so worthy stuff it’s essential to no longer know if no longer for this podcast. To illustrate, luxuriate in you know that the topic for DK Nation 2 is in line with exact occasions? It be unbelievable!
That you just must presumably snoop on it over at //https://donkeykongpodcast.monkey

Python: Talk Python To Me, Python Bytes.

For ML, I would possibly presumably highly counsel Gradient Descent from Weights & Biases – Lucas is a great host.

I counsel Chuffed Course Programming, with Bruce Eckel (author of Thinking in C++) and James Ward. It tends to level of curiosity on programming language issues in desire to utility engineering extra broadly.

I would possibly presumably give a hyperlink, but it surely doesn’t appear to accept as true with a condominium-web content.

If working in or adjoining to the Microsoft stack, .NET Rocks (running since 2002!) and RunAs radio are big. No longer reasonably developer media, but the .NET rocks geek out episodes are some of my licensed primers on wherever.

Linear digressions used to be very pretty for after I was dabbling in records science, though they are no longer any longer producing episodes.

I genuinely revel in Coffee with Butterscotch though it’s bearing in mind comedy and game dev on lighter on utility engineering.

Free as in Freedom, by Bradley Kuhn and Karen Sandler from the utility freedom conservancy. About free utility, in particular from the correct & lawyery stay of things.

Even supposing they haven’t launched unique episodes in some time, the archives are gentle there and most of it’s correct as linked on the unique time.

Plod Time is pretty (if you like Plod, obviously)

(I’d additionally counsel Security Cryptography No matter and Alerts & Threads, but they’ve already been talked about)

I’ve realized priceless things from all of these: The Stack Overflow Podcast, Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman, Instrument Engineering Radio, and Coding Blocks.

I snoop on coding blocks, but a novel listener must gentle know they on the overall raise on unique issues, from studying a e book or something, and would possibly presumably per chance divulge things erroneous rather extra on the overall than I would possibly presumably request from an authoritative offer. Things that sound plausibly correct. So, you want to always be extra cautious with that one.

That acknowledged I love it and counsel it.

For Spanish listeners, La Vieja Guardia is rather good, with spicy guests and very informal chatting

We haven’t recorded one in some time, but I accept as true with a podcast called To Be Actual [1] with Edith Harbaugh from Launchdarkly. It used to be much less about specifics love discussing generics in Plod or garbage series, extra about how utility will get made (product, startups, coding, devtools, etc). I isn’t any longer going to claim it be one of the best utility engineering podcast, but builders accept as true with if truth be told useful me they loved it 🙂

[1] //https://www.heavybit.com/library/podcasts/to-be-continuous

My non-public notion is that if you’re aiming to be an even developer you desires to be studying extra and NOT listening to podcasts.

Guests on podcasts are continuously there ensuing from of no matter is trending and are continuously overrun with self promoters. Has any individual managed to derive Fabrice Bellard on a podcast? No, but Uncle Bob will be ever ready to divulge up.

I‘m the host of Developer Tea. It’s no longer for everybody (no longer a technical podcast), but it’s essential to presumably also just revel in it!

I additionally counsel Hidden Mind, SyntaxFM if you’re into JS in particular, and Refined Expertise Day-to-day.

oh yeah! Developer Tea is my licensed podcast, it’s quick, so it’s ample if I am going for a drag (or drink some tea)

coder dot divulge

unique epsiode

Amazon worn the stage of AWS re:Earn to toss color on .Get and masks its broader ambitions.

Plus, why Pydantic is giving Mike a headache.

Elon Musk on Twitter — Factual conversation. Amongst varied things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being far off from the App Store. Tim used to make certain that Apple in no intention judicious doing so.

.NET originate offer is ‘carefully below-funded’ says AWS — “We realized that .NET originate offer is carefully below-funded,” acknowledged Saikat Banerjee, an AWS utility construction supervisor, at a re:Earn session this week.

Pydantic V2 Thought – pydantic — The unlock of model 2 is an different to rebuild pydantic and correct many things that don’t keep sense – to keep pydantic unbelievable .

PyO3 individual records — Rust bindings for Python, including instruments for creating native Python extension modules. Running and interacting with Python code from a Rust binary is additionally supported.

FastAPI — FastAPI framework, excessive performance, easy to learn, quick to code, ready for production

Coinbase Pockets on Twitter — That you just must presumably want observed you can not send NFTs on Coinbase Pockets iOS anymore. That is ensuing from Apple blocked our ideally suited app unlock until we disabled the feature.

Factual Morning The US on Twitter — @GStephanopoulos sits down with historical FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried

‘We form of misplaced track’: how Sam Bankman-Fried blurred traces between FTX and Alameda — Commerce’s historical CEO says he used to be shut to key choices at nominally separate trading company

Why Hasn’t Sam Bankman-Fried Been Arrested Yet?

Mike on Mastodon

asdf — Space up extra than one runtime variations with a single CLI tool

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